Ten Facts

Ten Facts About Me

  1. I run but I am probably one of the slowest runners in the world.
  2. I love dancing even if I am by myself in my room doing it.
  3. I am scared of dinosaurs (I know they are extinct) and whales.
  4. I love traveling. I hope to live at least one year in London.
  5. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies.
  6. The beach is where I feel most relaxed.
  7. Palm trees and trees with spanish moss are my favorite trees.
  8. I like for my toes to be painted at all times.
  9. I have always wanted to have pink highlights in my hair but I always chicken out when I go to the hair salon.
  10. I lose my eyeglasses a lot, which means I find them in strange places around the house.

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