Starting On The Right Foot

Monday has me all happy today. I got up super early (early for me) to join a soul cycle class, then I was headed to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode at my friend, Harper’s place. I grabbed a chopped salad and hot chocolate from Lenwich before I hopped on the subway. I have passed Lenwich many times but this was my first time walking in and I loved it! There are so many options to choose from.

I know I have mentioned that I am trying to lose a few pounds and tone up a bit but the hot chocolate was calling me soooo….


waffle 2

Awkward selfie b/c I didn’t want the guy behind me to notice I was taking a selfie. He probably noticed anyway.

It was pretty funny trying to watch Game of Thrones at Harper’s because the glare from her window was really bad. If you watch Game of Thrones then you know that show tends to be very hard to watch in the day light. We had to throw a blanket over her window curtains to try and block out some of the light. Our moms would be cringing if they saw what the window looked like.Β  It is always fun getting to spend time with friends. We had to pause the show a few times to allow us to make some remarks, which happens basically anytime I watch that show.

Have a fabulous Monday! πŸ™‚


Is Painting Hard?

Hello lunch!

waffle 1.jpg

Happy Friday!

I went to a pottery place with my friend Harper today. I wanted to make a flower pot for my mom for Mother’s Day. I figured I would try giving her a unique gift that none of my other siblings would be giving her this year. I looked at a few pottery places on the internet. I found some great places we could go to; however I am a bit on the dumb side when it comes to pottery. I wasn’t aware that the actual act of making pottery was really hard work and involves 8 weeks worth of classes. If you have seen the movie It Takes Two, then you would understand why I thought pottery was easy considering the last time I watched it I was 10. Fortunately, I found a place where we could just paint pottery.

There was so many different shapes and sizes of pottery to choose from. Luckily, they had a perfect size flower pot for me and Harper picked a large seashell and tiny vase. There was so many different colors of paint to choose from, which is like my worst nightmare because I am terrible at making choices. Haha. All of the colors were so pretty so I can’t really complain.


Two things I realized while painting:

  1. I will never be a professional painter.
  2. I am not surprised I always got a “B” in art class.

It ended up being a lot of fun. We were able to drink wine and listen to some good music. I totally recommend doing this with friends or family. Painting is super relaxing so I understand now why lots of people have been enjoying adult coloring books. I am hoping to go back soon to make a cute bowl toΒ  have for oatmeal or pasta.

Once, we left pottery we headed over to a mexican restaurant to grab some drinks and obviously guac because no man gets left behind.

I ordered a salad to try to counteract the amount of guac I was consuming. I also enjoyed this tasty drink called a Strawberry Fields.

waffle 2.jpg

I cannot remember what exactly was in it but it was strong, which is why you will not being seeing a picture of my salad. I was like a talking machine once I had my first sip so taking anymore pictures wasn’t really on my mind.

Enjoy your weekend! πŸ™‚

Queen of Awkward

Guys! I have my hot chocolate next to me and I am watching The Bachelor finale. Basically I am living the Monday night dream. I am so bummed the season is ending. Can’t we just start a new season next Monday? I am sure they can easily find a cute, single guy that is willing to be on television.

Anyhoo!I just left kettlebell so my abs feel like they are on fire!! Do you ever have a moment where you are in a public environment and it’s like your brain travels to another land then all of a sudden you remember where you are? In my class, the instructor was showing us a move, then all of a sudden I started thinking about something embarrassing that I did at work today. Next thing I know I look around and everyone is holding their kettlebell and I am just standing there with my kettlebell still on the ground.

I am the queen of awkward during fitness classes. Last weekend I went to grab my weight during soul cycle and my hand hit the weight into the wall. I guess I went to grab it and the front of my hand hit the weight too quickly. Now imagine me twisting my feet out of the locked pedals and the instructor asking if “I was okay back there?”

Sending out good vibes for us all to have an awesome Tuesday!

ice skating

Irish soda bread from Chelsea Market πŸ™‚

5 Fun Things

Happy Monday!

I have been quite busy lately but was able to have some fun this past week. πŸ™‚ Fortunately, I have been able to enjoy a lot of actvities that involve me getting a lot of exercise too. I am talking about everyday activities that do not involve a lot of money.

I thought I would make a list of ‘Five fun exercise related activities to do in NYC.’ New York is an amazing city that always has something fun to offer.

Five fun and healthy activities I enjoyed were:

  1. Ice skating. I was able to ice skate with friends at Wollman Rink. The rink is not far from The Plaza Hotel so you get to see the pretty buildings as you ice skate. iceskating.jpg
  2. Take a walk. I know we all pretty much walk at some point everyday but we tend to forget how enjoyable it can be. apt.jpgMy friend, Lauren came to visit and she wanted to go see the house that Carrie Bradshaw lives in so we took a walk through the village to find the apartment building. I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful buildings and popping in an out of shops along our journey to see the apartment.
  3. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art or National History Museum. It amazes me how tired my feet can get after walking around the museum for a few hours.
  4. Bike ride along the West Side highway. My mom and I always enjoy bike riding over there because we get a beautiful view of the Hudson River and the different parks along the route.
  5. Dancing. If you are walking by somewhere with good music, then you might as well go in and enjoy the fun. πŸ™‚ I always get excited to walk into a bar or restaurant that is playing some fun music.

I will end this post with a picture of the tastiest fritatta I have ever eaten. I order it at Le Cheile in Washington Heights.


12 Thoughts I Had During My First Barre Class

Happy Wednesday! I tried a barre class for the first time. I have heard all these great things about barre and pilates classes so I figured I should join in the fun. Instead of doing a full on essay about my class I figured I would write a list of the 12 things I thought of while taking my first barre class.

august goalst

Some things I wish I did before I went to my class.

1. Wear socks

Apparently, some people love wearing socks and some do not. When I went into the studio I asked the girl at the desk if I should buy them and she said to try it out first without them. I regretted not wearing them after about 2 minutes of starting the class. I was slipping so much that I couldn’t really get as into some of the dance type moves. What is strange is that the majority of the class did not wear socks and they didn’t seem to have any issues so I think I may just have a strange problem with sweaty feet when I work out. Gross!

2. Stand in front of the mirror

One of the workers mentioned that it is nice to stand in front of the mirror as a beginner. When everybody was waiting for the class to start they were all standing against the wall so I was under the impression we would all be standing around the instructor so no one would be in the front. I picked a spot in front of the mirror. The barre class had 2 mirror walls and 2 mirrorless ones. As soon as the class started everyone moved to the middle of the room and I realized I was in the front. I felt so bad for everyone behind me. It was obvious I was new. Luckily, standing in front of the mirror definitely helped me see if I was doing all the moves correctly.

My butt was sore the next day so I definitely think I got a great lower body workout.

In other news, I went to visit my friend Holly in Virginia a few weeks back. We traveled all around central Virginia, which looked gorgeous with all the mountains covered in snow.

We took a drive over to Roanoke, Virginia to go ice skating in the city. We had a blast laughing at ourselves and trying our best not to fall. High fives all around that Holly and I did not fall. πŸ™‚

Here is the outfit I wore while iceskating.

;( lettuce tacos.jpg

(Gotta love snapchat)
Jacket: Anthropologie
Hat: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Free People
Scarf: Nordstrom



No More Blizzards Please

Hello Monday!


In case you haven’t heard NY was hit with a storm. Some call the storm a ‘blizzard,’ I call it the day mother nature got a bit too excited with her snow machine. My first thought was ‘crap’ when I chanced a glance at my window.

snow window.jpg

I was under the impression from my dad that we were only going to get 6-12 inches. Obviously my dad did not choose the meteorologist career route and I was stuck inside. I turned on the news to see the NYC mayor letting the public know this would be one of the worst blizzards New York would have. 😦

Since I was stuck inside I was concerned I would spend the day eating mass quantities of food so I tried to start the day with a healthy breakfast.


I chose to make scrambled eggs with 1 slice of yellow american cheese (my weakness). I put hawaiian salt on top to give it some extra flavor. Funny story: my sister ordered hawaiian salt on the internet and thought she bought 1 bag but it actually came with 6 bags so I was lucky enough to snag one when I visited her. I added a piece of whole grain bread topped with strawberry jam and maple almond butter. I just bought Justin’s maple almond butter, which is my absolute favorite almond butter so I could not wait to include it in my breakfast.

I also enjoyed a hot cup of earl grey tea.

I spent the rest of the day finishing the book Brooklyn and watching Jurassic World. I also was able to run 3 miles on the treadmill.

I got this lovely text from my sister who lives in LA.


Fitness Talk!

My workouts have been going well! I joined my friend Caroline for soul cycle Friday night. I told Caroline I was craving dessert so she told me about this great place named Laduree.


We stopped by to enjoy some amazing macaroons. It was a beautiful restaurant that made you feel like you were in Paris. We went to the one located in Soho and I totally recommend you try the place if you love macaroons.

laduree 2.jpg

I know macaroons aren’t the best post workout snack, but I was craving something sweet. #noregret

I am signed up for kettlebell tonight! πŸ™‚ The Bachelor is also on today and I am already hooked into the current season.



Monday Post On a Tuesday

Hi there!

This past weekend was fabulous and involved a lot of delicious food. I was able to eat some yummy breakfast Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I ate brunch with my friend Caroline. I was craving something sweet so I ordered a waffle and a hot tea. The waffle was covered in strawberries, blueberries, and vanilla yogurt.


In addition, our brunch was a prefix menu so it came with pastries and fruit for the whole table.


Caroline and I had to ask for the pastries to be put in a to go box because it was so much food for our stomachs to handle. It was nice getting to see Caroline since I haven’t seen her since my vacation (vacation post will be published tomorrow).

Sunday, I was able to see my sister, who currently lives in LA. I joined my mom and 2 of my sisters for brunch at Sugar and Plumm.

sugar and plum 2


My mom’s birthday was last week so we decided to celebrate it with a yummy brunch. I ordered my usual chicken apple sausage and grits. I also took a picture of a cake batter milkshake my sister enjoyed. After breakfast we headed over to the Bloomingdales outlet on 72nd street. They had some gorgeous vests and adorable cosmetic cases. We stopped by Lush where I bought this bubble bar that is shaped like a milk bottle. πŸ™‚

milk bottle

The rest of my Sunday was nice and relaxing.


I think I may call this outfit ‘the smurf’. haha

Yoga for me? Nah


I am writing this post after my failed attempt at beginner yoga. :/

First, let me tell you about my Sunday brunch.

On Sunday I met with my friend, Harper, on the Upper West Side. I picked the location Sugar and Plumm for our Sunday brunch. The restaurant kind of reminds me of my childhood dream bedroom. The door handles are lollipop shaped, the atmosphere smells like dessert, and large pieces of chocolate are for sale in a corner. My friend wasn’t even surprised that I picked it for our brunch location.

sugar and plumm3

sugar and plum 2

My favorite breakfast to eat from Sugar and Plumm is grits.


I ordered a cup of hot tea with grits. It tasted amazing!

I had a wonderful time chatting with my friend. She told me all about her new apartment and what the moving in experience was like (FYI, I hate moving in and out of places). We also talked about her first day of school, which was the next day. She starts graduate school this week and I think she is going to be a fantastic student. She loves what she is studying and could probably talk about it for hours.

We finished our meals with some yummy dessert, then headed over to a farmers’ market. The farmers’ market was on the same sidewalk as the American Museum of Natural History. I wanted to buy strawberry jam from one of the stands. I haven’t tried the jam yet, so I can’t say whether it is good. Across from the farmer’s market was a flea market. I thought my friend would want to check out the market since she just moved into a new place.

After the flea market, we took a walk into my favorite place, Central Park. After I left her I rode the subway to the tea shop, Palais des Thes. I like the taste of their oolong with flowers and exotic fruits because I do not have to put any sugar or milk in it.

my subway entertainment

my subway entertainment

When I got home I took a long nap after being busy all weekend.

I barely took photos but I guess that sometimes happen when you get too busy chatting away with your friend.

Now I must talk about my terrible relationship with yoga. My physical therapist says I really need to work on my flexibility so he recommended yoga. I tried a yoga class in college as well as in my hometown and I hated both of them. The class in my hometown focused heavily on the breathing part to the point where we sat and breathed for a very long time. I also had a yoga dvd for kids when I was younger and that was a little bit enjoyable, but that’s probably because I was more flexible than. Yesterday,I bought a beginner yoga dvd and I can barely do the moves that the instructor is doing. I need a beginner’s dvd for the one I just bought. Hopefully, I will one day praise the greatness of yoga but for now we are in a complicated relationship.

Happy Tuesday! πŸ™‚

Always Carry Flats

Friday Lessons!

  1. Always make sure you have a little bit of money on your metrocard.
  2. Embrace having a library card. Libraries are the places where you get to time travel for free.
  3. You may be the worst soccer player, but if you enjoy it, then being the worst doesn’t matter.
  4. Always carry flip-flops or flats in your bag. You will never like riding the subway while wearing wedges.
  5. Keep your eyeglasses in their case.
  6. Remember to take your eye makeup off at night.
  7. Do not ever think that you are not as great as someone else.
  8. Sometimes you will acquire an addiction to game apps on your phone.
  9. Fancy straws will always make your drink tastier.

My dinner from Claudette in Greenwich Village.


SOHO Night

Happy Friday

I spent yesterday at a friend’s birthday dinner in SOHO. I thought I would share some pictures from the night. As a reminder, I am not showing friends on the blog just yet, so pictures will be mostly of objects and food.

I hopped on the subway and read Paper TownsΒ while I waited for my stop. When I got off the subway, I took my flip flops off and put on my wedges because I only had to walk a block to the restaurant.

We ate at Isola Trattoria & Crudo Bar. The location of the restaurant is gorgeous. While walking into the restaurant I had to walk through a beautiful walkway.



We sat at a high top, wooden table. I knew a few of the people at the table, but some people I had never met before. My friend introduced me to her friends and at first I was quite nervous. I can get easily anxious being in a location where I do not know a lot of people. However, I reminded myself that sometimes living and having fun means that I have to experience uncomfortable situations. #YOLO. πŸ˜‰

pineapple pickle 2

pineapple pickle

The waiter came by with a cook(I am not entirely sure who the man was but I am thinking a cook. I didn’t hear what he said) who gave each of us a small plate that had the yellow cubes on them. it tasted like pickles and pineapples mixed together.

margareta flat bread

I ordered a margarita flatbread.

bday banana split

banana split

My friend was given a banana split and we sang her happy birthday.

leaving res

Dress: Free People

We headed out of the restaurant.

goofy face

I spent the rest of the night writing on the blog and listening to some awesome music. πŸ™‚

I hope you all have a great weekend that involves all the things you enjoy!

Next Week’s Blog Topics

  1. Running and falling
  2. Shopping and the struggle of trying on clothes
  3. Friday Lessons