Friday Love

Friday! How we all love a Friday. 🙂

Here are my Friday Lessons for the week.



Sleep is Magic

Happy Friday!


Here is a picture of my favorite slippers. I bought them from Jcrew during the holiday season. I wear them pretty much anywhere it is acceptable to wear them. Love them!


Friday Lessons :)

Friday Lessons!

Try not to make your life perfect because it will never really be. Stop looking for other things to make your life perfect when you are lucky enough with the many things you have.

Just because you have a terrible looking scab on your shoulder does not mean you cannot wear a spaghetti strap dress that you bought the night before.

Always dance if you can.

Making small talk is a talent that takes awhile to master.

Hearing an old Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys song on the radio is a magical experience.

Getting clothes in the mail will always feel like a present to your self.