Battling Humidity in May

I had some food shopping do today so while I was out I grapped a tall, vanilla bean frap with a shot of caramel. Let me just say that frap was the closest thing to the Butterbeer I tasted at Universal Studios. I miss the taste of Butterbeer so much. My favorite part is the the creamy part on top.

Starbucks <3

Starbucks โค

As you can see from the photo above the humidity has been fighting a battle with my hair. It was 88 degress today!!! It is only May and I am already worried about the amount of work I will have to do to my hair this summer.

Bummer News

I found out I didn’t get the internship that I interviewed for last week. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I had to email the company when I didn’t hear from them and, then I received an email from the lady who interviewed me and she said that the position had been filled. What a bummer?! That was the first time I didn’t get offered a job after doing an in person interview. I can’t help but feel a little hurt. I have so many questions I want to ask them that I know will never be answered. I know in 10 years this will not matter and I will probably even forget about the internship. I refuse to let this situation affect my mood. After reading the ๐Ÿ˜ฆ email, I started applying for more internships. ย Hopefully, someone will see my resume and think, ‘she looks like a great applicant for the position.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Good News

I have been stretching everyday like a champ. My body always feels better after a good stretch. I also pushed myself on the treadmill yesterday, which makes me feel like I am working hard to reach my fitness goals. I found a weight class that is being offered at a local gym and I will be calling the gym tomorrow to find out all about the fees. Exercise classes are great at helping me push myself. In other good news, I start my job in 3 weeks, which means I can start looking at some things I really want to buy. I have to buy myself ย a gift for starting a new job, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are some things I want:



I want all 3 designs but I should probably only pick 1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also just realized that Lilly Pulitzer agendas are now available for pre-order. They look amazing!



I have heard only good things about Clarisonic.


Name Necklace

I love this necklace, but I am not sure how it will look with the necklace that I already wear everyday.

Things I am Currently Loving

  • ‘Title’ by Meghan Trainor
  • The environment. All the trees and grass look so pretty in May
  • The smell of sunscreen
  • This blog
  • Hugging my mom when she gets home from work
  • Pinterest. I am preparing to redo my room so Pinterest has been a huge help
  • My bestfriends from college

Now I must end this post in the best possible way, which would be with a picture of the french toast I made yesterday morning, ๐Ÿ™‚

dinna 1

Oh wait! Here is a picture of my dinner for today

Eat all the veggies!

Eat all the veggies!


Interviews Done!!!! :)

I finished all the interviews that I had for this week! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Surprisingly, I do not get as nervous about interviews as I think I would. I am the type of person that gets nervous, anxious, and worried very easily. My friend likes to say that I turn a mole hill into a mountain very quickly. But when it comes to interviews I just try to walk in just being my awesome self. One major point that I remind myself everytime I walk into an interview is that if I truly make a fool out of myself, then the only person that will know is the interviewer and me. The interviewer isn’t going to write on Facebook or Twitter, “Hey, just to let everyone know Ashley was very awkward in her interview this morning.”

At 22, I have had my fair share of interviews, which defintely helps me through them. The one type of interview I still get extremely nervous about are phone interviews. You would think that something that is not face to face wouldn’t be nerve wracking but it totally is for me. I had to do one for Disney and I was so nervous beforehand I think the grip I had my phone could have crushed the tiny thing. The only thing that helps me get through phone interviews is that I remind myself that if the interview starts to get really bad or I lose the ability to speak then I can always hang up. My mom hates when I say this and to be honest I don’t think I would ever really do that. It is quite rude to hang up on someone unless, of course, it was someone telling me I would get to meet Kate Middleton because then I would probably hang up from being so excited. ๐Ÿ™‚

Funny Story

When I was 15 and didn’t have my first job yet, I got a call from my friend telling me that the local baseball field was hiring for the summer so we went to the mall to be interviewed. I was pretty excited about it because if we both got the job, then we would get to spend our summer together working. I wasn’t even nervous for the interview. While waiting in line we ran into school friends and we just chatted during the wait until I was called in. I didn’t even have a resume because I was 15 and had never worked before. When I was called in I gave the interviewer a terrible, flimsy handshake. He then asked how I was and what position I was applying for. He couldn’t really ask me much about past experience so his next question was, “What do you like to do for fun?” For some reason I blanked out at that moment and said, “I like to read and….I don’t know.” That’s right! I said, ‘I don’t know.’ The question he asked me is probably one of the easiest questions to answer. I could list probably a 100 things right now if someone was to ask me that. Guess who didn’t get the job? This lady! But neither did my friend so I wasn’t completely heart broken.

Time to watch the Bacholorette (no judgement please)! ย The guys are so cute this season. ๐Ÿ™‚