Resolutions? Not for Me

It’s time for everyone to make their New Year’s resolution lists! Just don’t count me in. 🙂

I have some plans for this year but i’ll just keep them in my mind, no need to write a list. I am currently away traveling. How exciting, right?! I love traveling! I feel like I am already starting the year on a high. I will have tons of pictures to show you when I get back. I thought today I would make a list of the highs of 2016. The list can be something I can look back at and remember all of the nice moments I had in 2016. Just like many others in the world I had some lows in 2016, but I do not want to post any negative things.


  1. I traveled to Disney World in January. Some entertaining moments came out of that trip.
  2. I switched jobs, which made my schedule way easier.
  3. I finished the one class I was taking in the spring, which led to me enrolling in a full-time degree program.  Another degree!
  4. I tried a barre class for the first time. I was absolutely awful at that.
  5. Fell in love with kettlebell classes
  6. Visited my siblings in California
  7. Rented a beach house with friends. Fell in love with paddle boarding.
  8. Had too much fun laughing at a happy hour on July 4th
  9. Saw Aladdin on broadway. After the show we got a behind the scenes tour. I STOOD ON A BROADWAY STAGE!
  10. Went ice skating with friends in Central Park
  11. Painted pottery.
  12. Went to Hershey park with Holly
  13. Experienced my first wine tasting in Charlottesville, Va
  14. Ended the year in Europe
  15. Tried my first paint and wine class
  16. Dressed as Daisy Duck for Halloween
  17. Finished my first semester for my second degree
  18. Saw Amy schumer’s comedy tour with my sister
  19. Drove along the Pacific Coast Highway, which means I also drove in LA so lets hope I never have to do that again. haha
  20. Hiked in Malibu
  21. Got a new puppy, Charlie

I am sure there are many other great things that happened in 2016, but these are the ones that immediately stuck out.

Have a great day!



New Year, Same Me


It’s New Year’s weekend! I tend to see myself as an easily excitable person. Holidays, friend’s birthdays, and weddings make me very excited. I find myself thinking of cute decorations, presents to give, and picking out what I should wear; However, when its comes to New Year’s Eve I am never that excited. I have been fortunate to spend it with friends and family in some great places. During my childhood, I would have a sleepover at my friend, Melissa’s while the grown ups partied downstairs. Melissa and I would have a blast with all of our other friends. Once, I became an adult I realized a lot of planning goes into the festivities but it never becomes as great as we assume it will be. We tend to have high expectations. As a kid, I just wanted to be around friends singing and dancing to whatever new song Britney Spears was signing on the radio. Now it seems like New Year’s Eve celebrating is all about finding the perfect location, outfit, and date. Soooooo….a few years ago I stopped treating it as this grand night with huge expectations. Now I choose to spend NYE doing something I enjoy, whether it is dancing with friends or watching a movie. This year, I will be ringing in 2017 with one of my close friends.

The point of this very ridiculous paragraph is that NYE doesn’t have to be the best night ever with perfect instagram posts and the best date. Enjoy the night! You can have many other amazing nights that do not have to be on December 31st. Don’t stress about the New Year celebrations. See you next year! 😉

Lesson of the Day

Quick breakfast this morning!


I have a busy day ahead of me. I have work, a fitness class, appointments to attend, and flashdrives to buy.

I bought a flash drive to save all of my info on because I am unsure if I am going to buy a new computer. I have had my computer since 2010 so it’s a little bit slow. Anyhoo! I went to the store and bought the cheapest flashdrive because I figured a fancy one wouldn’t be necessary. Well it looks like I need an education in flashdrive shopping because I bought a flashdrive that wasn’t too helpful. I left the store with a 8GB flashdrive, which is pretty much a waste because just my photo collection alone is 13GB. 😦

Lesson of the Day:

Check the gigabytes on your computer before buying a flashdrive.

Have a happy Monday! 🙂




Monday Post On a Tuesday

Hi there!

This past weekend was fabulous and involved a lot of delicious food. I was able to eat some yummy breakfast Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I ate brunch with my friend Caroline. I was craving something sweet so I ordered a waffle and a hot tea. The waffle was covered in strawberries, blueberries, and vanilla yogurt.


In addition, our brunch was a prefix menu so it came with pastries and fruit for the whole table.


Caroline and I had to ask for the pastries to be put in a to go box because it was so much food for our stomachs to handle. It was nice getting to see Caroline since I haven’t seen her since my vacation (vacation post will be published tomorrow).

Sunday, I was able to see my sister, who currently lives in LA. I joined my mom and 2 of my sisters for brunch at Sugar and Plumm.

sugar and plum 2


My mom’s birthday was last week so we decided to celebrate it with a yummy brunch. I ordered my usual chicken apple sausage and grits. I also took a picture of a cake batter milkshake my sister enjoyed. After breakfast we headed over to the Bloomingdales outlet on 72nd street. They had some gorgeous vests and adorable cosmetic cases. We stopped by Lush where I bought this bubble bar that is shaped like a milk bottle. 🙂

milk bottle

The rest of my Sunday was nice and relaxing.


I think I may call this outfit ‘the smurf’. haha

‘Why Not?’

‘Why the hell not?’

That has been the statement popping up in my head for the last 7 days. I’ve always found ways to limit myself.

‘That type of career field is to hard to get into.’
‘There are plenty of other people better than me that they can hire.’
‘No one would want to look at my photos or writing.’
‘I’ll never be as entertaining or pretty as other girls.’
‘I am doomed to have an average life.’
‘I’ll never find the motivation to get a six pack.’
‘I am too lazy.’

In other words, I have set myself up for a failure due to my own attitude.Yes, I know I am being a bit overdramatic. I have graduated college, traveled out of the country multiple times, and always had a best friend to talk to. However, my attitude has held me back from truly living to the fullest.

All of a sudden about a week ago I realized something. Every person who has created their dream life was once a baby. As a baby they all had a fresh start. Some people had easier circumstances growing up than others ,but they all had a moment where they, like me, were once a baby. Many of these babies were able to grow into happy adults doing activities they truly enjoyed everyday.

I am talking about the people who wake up 90% of the time happy. I am talking about the people who are able to fulfill their dreams. I am talking about the people that find ways to laugh. I am talking about the people who recognize how hard or crazy life can be but still strive for an optimistic view. I am talking about the people who work their butts off and smile broadly as someone asks them what an ordinary day of their life is like.

So why can’t I have my dream life? What makes all those other people better than me? I was put on this earth just like all of them. Why can’t I do that really cool job that I see others doing? Why can’t I learn certain cool skills?

Well ‘why the hell not?’

Time to end this post with something a little less serious. A picture of my food. The posts for the rest of the week will not be as serious as this one 😉

Have a Lovely Day!

Good Morning Sunshine!

I woke up at 3:30am feeling wide awake. I didn’t get much sleep Tuesday night because my final was yesterday so I was exhausted last night. I fell asleep pretty early.

And now I am sitting on the couch watching a movie while enjoying a cup of hot tea.I love getting up before the sunrise because I feel like I am the only person awake in the world. I know I sound corny but somehow waking up before the sunrise always makes me feel like what I assume it would be like if time stopped. I get to relax in a quiet atmosphere while enjoying some of my favorite hobbies. In addition, I feel like I get a head start for my day. I hate if I sleep in till 12 and I am rushing out of the house to get to whatever place I need to be.

Most of the time I go to bed pretty late or at least it seems I have for the past four months, which means I have to set my alarm clock at least five times in a week. I don’t know if when other people were children if they pictured themselves as responsible grown ups that wake up as soon as the alarm clock goes off because I know I did. Apparently, I had high expectations for my future self because sleeping through my alarm and turning it off when I shouldn’t has become my specialty.

You know how people say when they get in the shower they start making these grand plans? Well nighttime me is like that. At night I set my alarm thinking that four hours of sleep will be fine and I will get sooooo much done the next day. I will fix everything and bring peace to the world. Morning Ashley is the opposite of night Ashley. Morning Ashley just wants to sleep, punches responsibilities in the face, and turns off every alarm that was set by night Ashley.

Anyhoo sorry for the long post! I hope everyone has a lovely holiday this week. If you are not celebrating this week I hope you are finding time to relax and do something you enjoy! 🙂


December 21

Hi there!

I hate to say it, but it has been I think since September since I last posted. Oh the shame!

September rolled around and all of sudden I was busy like that type of busy where your bed feels like that dangerous boyfriend your mother doesn’t want you to be with. Sleep seemed to be calling me at all hours of the day. When September started I enrolled in a class that may help me in future career opportunites. In addition, I started a virtual internship and also had to keep up going to my regular job. All of sudden I became one of those people who declared they felt busy and tired all of the time.

Now I can finally relax because I finished my internship and my class is about to end. Most importantly, it is Christmas week so I can’t help wearing a massive grin at all hours of the day. I have come to the conclusion that I love this blog and I hated putting it to the side these past few months. So I thought I would just mention what I have been up to this these past few months. Happy Monday! 🙂

  1. I became a godmother to my beautiful niece.
  2. I realized I hated my internship so that just makes me one step closer to finding out what I want to do.
  3. I still am not sure what I want to do in the future but I am getting there.
  4. I am going to Disney World very soon! 🙂
  5. I have fallen in love with my crockpot. I think it is one of the best inventions.
  6. One of my best friends came to visit me in October and I spent a ton of time laughing that weekend.
  7. I got a haircut and have changed the color of my hair twice this fall.
  8. I have finally figured out how to style my hair.
  9. Brow gel is now my new best friend.
  10. I had one of the best Thansgivings this year.

Labor Day!

sunset 1

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is like a second New Year’s Day for me. Labor Day makes me feel like a new year is on the horizon. I get excited for all the new stuff to try such as fitness classes and taking up new hobbies, whether it is dancing or crafting. Labor Day is also full of barbecues, which is probably on my ‘top 5 favorite smells list.’  This post is not very long because I all have to say is Happy Labor Day and yay! for all those who do not have to work today and get to relax.

I also wanted to remind everyone to please notice how great your life is before you wish for better things. Your life does not need to be perfect for you to like it. Waiting for perfection will never make you happy. I am not immune to the feeling of seeing people on Instagram or Facebook and wishing my life was like theirs. I have been irritated before when I haven’t had plans on say a Friday night or mad that I didn’t have a massive house on some gorgeous beach. But really what is the point of feeling this way? I am so lucky to have friends and family. Just because I do not have plans on a Friday night does not mean I will never have plans on the weekend ever again. I cam to this realization last Thursday.

Thursday, I hung out with one of my besties in TriBeca. I had a lot of fun with her and, then I went to soul cycle before I walked home. I was walking along the Hudson River on the west side. People were exercising, enjoying happy hour, and chatting with friends. I was walking through some gorgeous, tiny parks and I honestly felt like I was living in the moment, which is weird because I only ever feel like that when I am dancing  or laughing with friends. Who would ever think walking on a path would remind you how great life can be? The sun was setting against the Hudson River giving off a gorgeous view and I was passing colorful flowers on bushes. I could feel the end of the week excitement floating in the air. All of a sudden I realized how lucky I was to be walking in a beautiful area with a stunning view toward a home that was stocked with food and a cozy bed to sleep in. I even enjoyed watching people having fun instead of being jealous of them or wishing I was them.

The earth can be such a beautiful place, where people can do such kind and amazing things. Yes, my life is not perfect but it has so many little perfect things in it. Embracing the little perfect things can make life so much more fun. My word to anyone reading this post is please notice the things that make you lucky this Labor Day weekend. Every single person has something in their life that can make them smile. Something as simple as a sunset made me smile. We all are struggling with so many hardships so this Labor Day just take a second to notice the good stuff in your life , whether it is a warm hug from a family member, a yummy meal, a smile from a stranger, or your favorite song playing on the radio. 🙂

sunset 2

Yoga for me? Nah


I am writing this post after my failed attempt at beginner yoga. :/

First, let me tell you about my Sunday brunch.

On Sunday I met with my friend, Harper, on the Upper West Side. I picked the location Sugar and Plumm for our Sunday brunch. The restaurant kind of reminds me of my childhood dream bedroom. The door handles are lollipop shaped, the atmosphere smells like dessert, and large pieces of chocolate are for sale in a corner. My friend wasn’t even surprised that I picked it for our brunch location.

sugar and plumm3

sugar and plum 2

My favorite breakfast to eat from Sugar and Plumm is grits.


I ordered a cup of hot tea with grits. It tasted amazing!

I had a wonderful time chatting with my friend. She told me all about her new apartment and what the moving in experience was like (FYI, I hate moving in and out of places). We also talked about her first day of school, which was the next day. She starts graduate school this week and I think she is going to be a fantastic student. She loves what she is studying and could probably talk about it for hours.

We finished our meals with some yummy dessert, then headed over to a farmers’ market. The farmers’ market was on the same sidewalk as the American Museum of Natural History. I wanted to buy strawberry jam from one of the stands. I haven’t tried the jam yet, so I can’t say whether it is good. Across from the farmer’s market was a flea market. I thought my friend would want to check out the market since she just moved into a new place.

After the flea market, we took a walk into my favorite place, Central Park. After I left her I rode the subway to the tea shop, Palais des Thes. I like the taste of their oolong with flowers and exotic fruits because I do not have to put any sugar or milk in it.

my subway entertainment

my subway entertainment

When I got home I took a long nap after being busy all weekend.

I barely took photos but I guess that sometimes happen when you get too busy chatting away with your friend.

Now I must talk about my terrible relationship with yoga. My physical therapist says I really need to work on my flexibility so he recommended yoga. I tried a yoga class in college as well as in my hometown and I hated both of them. The class in my hometown focused heavily on the breathing part to the point where we sat and breathed for a very long time. I also had a yoga dvd for kids when I was younger and that was a little bit enjoyable, but that’s probably because I was more flexible than. Yesterday,I bought a beginner yoga dvd and I can barely do the moves that the instructor is doing. I need a beginner’s dvd for the one I just bought. Hopefully, I will one day praise the greatness of yoga but for now we are in a complicated relationship.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂