Summer :)


The season is coming. 🙂 I can smell it in the air, hear the pools splashing, and feel the urge to put sunscreen on anyone that is starting to take on the color of a lobster.

This summer is going to be good one! I just know it.

Now that June has started I figured I would start a summer bucket list. Some of the things on the list will definitely be done because I signed up for or paid for them already.




Hey Monday!

Soooo I am getting pretty pumped for summer. I will be spending a whole lot of time at the beach. I have sunglasses and hats a plenty. I’ve got bathing suits and sunscreen galore But I want more! Do I sound like a lady you might know who has red hair and strong desire to get rid of her fins and acquire 2 legs?

My wallet has been staying zipped like a therapist who just heard the juicest secret. But a girl can dream of a pretty new set of summer clothes, right?

So here are some things I wish will join me in all my instagram photos.

Kate Spade sunglasses

Triangl bikini

Vince Camuto hat


Ray Ban sunglasses

Lets all make this week awesome even if it involves wearing an outfit more than once! 🙂


Green Juice = Best Juice


Aren’t palm trees just the best?


Posting on a Tuesday again? Maybe I should just start typing up posts on Tuesday instead of Mondays. 

Last night, I went to my second kettle bell class. I love kettle bell!  I left class feeling like my legs were jelly, which is sort of awesome because it means the class is working. 

I was really nervous going to the class last night because it was the first time I was going alone. Last time I went to the class with my friend Caroline. Caroline and I were having a hard time matching up our schedule so that we could go to the same class this week so I decided I would have to go alone. Here is the thing. I get really nervous and anxious doing anything that I am not use to. Joining new classes, starting a new school, and meeting new people always makes me nervous. I use to not be such a nervous wreck, but as I have gotten older I have become that way.

I have started to notice that my anxiety and nerves are negatively affecting me, which means I must do something about it. I was super nervous going to the kettle bell class because I hated the idea of walking in alone and I was worried about making a fool of myself. I even thought about not going to the class after I had already registered.

The class ended up going great last night so looking back I can see how stupid it was for me to be anxious.

meme 1.jpg

The best way to conquer my fears is to try stepping out of my comfort zone.

Anyhoo! In other news, I am trying to focus on cleaning up my eating habits. I had to go to Anthropologie to check out their knobs. My mom wanted to tag along and eat at forty carrots in Bloomingdales. When we got to Forty Carrots I ordered an apple, carrot,spinach, and kale juice.


I know it doesn’t look like the most appetizing thing in the world but don’t be fooled by the color because I was having a strong craving for it by noon the next day.

turkey sandwich.jpg

I ordered a turkey sandwich without the bread.

I refuse to deprive myself so for dessert I ordered a small, plain frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles, walnuts, and strawberries.

fro yo.jpg

Sorry! The picture is blurry because I was walking while taking the photo. I know I am a genius! 🙂



‘Why Not?’

‘Why the hell not?’

That has been the statement popping up in my head for the last 7 days. I’ve always found ways to limit myself.

‘That type of career field is to hard to get into.’
‘There are plenty of other people better than me that they can hire.’
‘No one would want to look at my photos or writing.’
‘I’ll never be as entertaining or pretty as other girls.’
‘I am doomed to have an average life.’
‘I’ll never find the motivation to get a six pack.’
‘I am too lazy.’

In other words, I have set myself up for a failure due to my own attitude.Yes, I know I am being a bit overdramatic. I have graduated college, traveled out of the country multiple times, and always had a best friend to talk to. However, my attitude has held me back from truly living to the fullest.

All of a sudden about a week ago I realized something. Every person who has created their dream life was once a baby. As a baby they all had a fresh start. Some people had easier circumstances growing up than others ,but they all had a moment where they, like me, were once a baby. Many of these babies were able to grow into happy adults doing activities they truly enjoyed everyday.

I am talking about the people who wake up 90% of the time happy. I am talking about the people who are able to fulfill their dreams. I am talking about the people that find ways to laugh. I am talking about the people who recognize how hard or crazy life can be but still strive for an optimistic view. I am talking about the people who work their butts off and smile broadly as someone asks them what an ordinary day of their life is like.

So why can’t I have my dream life? What makes all those other people better than me? I was put on this earth just like all of them. Why can’t I do that really cool job that I see others doing? Why can’t I learn certain cool skills?

Well ‘why the hell not?’

Time to end this post with something a little less serious. A picture of my food. The posts for the rest of the week will not be as serious as this one 😉

Have a Lovely Day!

Just Keep Smiling

Friday Lessons!

week 2 list!

Last night I made a fool of myself at soccer as per usual. My friend, Melissa and I decided we are on a search to find a beginner’s team in the area. We played in middle school but we figure we will feel more comfortable with a beginner type group.

Song of the Week

‘Drag me Down,’ by One Direction. 😉  #cantstoplistening

I am making sure my nails are painted for the whole month of August. Yay! For this week my nails were painted with Revlon Parfumerie nail polish in the color Wintermint.

nails week 1Happy Friday! 🙂

August Goals

august goals1

Happy First Week of August!

I have come up with 10 goals for August that hopefully I will have accomplished at the end of the month. I used picmonkey to create my goal list. I am still playing around with picmonkey so I am sorry if some of the posts look terrible.

Reason for each goal

1. I have applied to 10 jobs so far. Yay!

2. I took an HTML class in college and loved it, however it was only a beginner course. HTML classes can be very expensive but I was fortunate to find one in my area.

3. My brother and I get along great but I feel like out of all my siblings I talk to him the least so I am changing that this month.

4. I can’t wait for my bedroom to be finished.

5. I am looking into taking a bodypump or kickboxing class.

6.I always feel like my life is put together when I have my toes and fingernails painted.

7. Explains itself.

8. I want to spend as much time outside and at the beach this month.

9. I keep reminding myself that I am due to donate blood. I am also interested in possibly donating plasma.

10. I went to the physical therapist and he said I really needed to loosen up my muscles and stretch.

Time for me to head to the nail salon for a pedicure with my sister. 🙂

Friday Lessons

I came up with the idea to make a post every week that is called ‘Friday Lessons’ so here is the first ever post. The posts will basically focus on somethings I learned or remembered this week. Some lessons may be funny, some may be a bit serious, and others may just be educational. Here we go!

Ten Things I Learned This Week

1. If you are putting all of the work in a friendship and your friend is not then it is time to reevaluate that friendship.
2. Complaining about your problems gets you nowhere. To fix something we must take action. Even the tiniest step can make a difference.
3. Sometimes you may take any job in your dream company in the hopes that it will bring you one step closer to your dream job.
4. Deep tissue massages are not meant for everybody.
5. Stretching will make you feel so much better.
6. Dancing can change a mood in about a second.
7. If you see a pair of jeans at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and you keep thinking about them, then maybe you should buy them so you both can be united as one.
8. Seeing a picture of your newborn niece will instantly make you smile.
9. Laughing in Magnolia Bakery, til midnight, with your best friend will always top going out to a brand new nightclub. 
10. Kicking a soccer ball to a teammate who then scores will immediately make you feel like a badass.

For dinner, I will be having a shrimp salad with raspberry dressing from Trader Joe’s.


Shrimp,spinach, green grapes, pineapple, and slivered almonds.


End Result

Sorry for the dark photo!

Sorry for the dark photo!

Song Of the Week

“Like I Can” by Sam Smith

I know this song has been on the radio for a long while now but I can’t stop listening to it on youtube. 🙂

What Is A Scramblette?

IMG_2735-1I am going to call breakfast this morning a scramblette. I tried to make an omelette but it came out part scramble/part omelette. The omelette had cheddar cheese and spinach. My whole grain toast had almond butter and strawberry jam on top.

Exercise for the day

4 mile run. I kept switching up my speed from 5.5 to 7.0, and then at random moments I would run at 8.0 for 30 seconds.

I sent out this snap chat yesterday from my outside run. I saved it and then later on realized I misspelled run. #snapchatfail

That should definitely say 'finished'

That should definitely say ‘finished’

I did 25 bicep curls and 10 triceps dips. I am trying to slowly ease into the weight training. Wish me luck! 😉

Food Goals

I ate a cheese quesadilla this week that made me feel way too stuffed and icky. So I came to the conclusion that I have been eating way too much cheese lately. I am going to abstain from cheese for a week to see if it will make my stomach feel less bloated. It might work or it might not, we shall see!

P.S. This was supposed to be scheduled to post on Tuesday but I saved it as a draft. 😦

Dream Job List

I have mentioned before that I am not sure which type of career I want to work in. I used to know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was that kid whom when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up had an answer. The answer was always a good job that had benefits and a good salary. Adults would always say, ‘that’s great.’ I would smile at the adults like I was the smartest little kid. In high school, I made myself a timeline. I knew when I would graduate college, where I would live, when I would attend graduate school, and even when my imaginary husband and I should get married. All of my goals became a bit disordered when I attended college. I noticed people were studying all of these cool majors and I started to become a bit jealous. I met a lot of kids that didn’t even have goals the way I did. I became stressed out at school and I thought that maybe what I was studying wasn’t for me. I started to wonder if I didn’t try something different in school would I regret it in the future. I am a overthinker. I over think just about anything a person can think about. I ended up changing my major FOUR times in college. All of sudden my future started to look lit bit foggy. I couldn’t really see what direction I was going into.

Picking a career is so scary for me because it is such a big part of a person’s life. This topic will pop up a lot on my blog because it is part of the reason I wrote this blog. I think a of people can relate to this post even if they know what career they want to be in. We all spend moments in our life thinking ‘what if?”.

I thought I would end this post with a list of my five dream jobs. I would say yes in a heartbeat if someone asked me if I wanted to do any of these jobs. I am aware I will never do any of them because I am either too short, not a dancer, and can’t draw.

1. Victoria Secret Angel. I do not even need to be an angel, I could just walk the fashion show. I get so excited when the fashion show comes on every year. I would love to walk with the big wings while my hair blows behind me. I could walk pass whatever singer is performing that year. I could see myself getting all beautified while  wearing a pink VS robe. Maybe in another lifetime? For now, I will have to practice my walk in the living room.

2. Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. She must have the coolest job ever! I love travel so the idea of getting paid to travel sounds like a dream come true. I do not even have to be on the show. I could just work on the show because then I would at least still get to go to all the exotic locations.

3. Back up dancer at a concert. I walk on my toes so my dancing resembles a praying mantis type walk, however I still break out in dances no matter where I am. I love concerts and the atmosphere so getting to experience that in a job would be fantastic.

4. The designer of the Victoria Secret outfits for the fashion show. Again! A job with Victoria Secret. I wish I had the creative ability to design outfits for the show. I am always excited to see what design and theme the company decides each year.

5. A singer. I wouldn’t like being famous but I can’t imagine how it could not be fun singing and dancing on stage.

Below is a picture of lettuce wrap tacos that I made. I mixed ground turkey and black beans with taco seasoning. I put whatever cheese that was in the fridge on top with some guacamole. It tasted just okay. My sister showed me a crockpot chicken recipe that I could use in tacos that I think would taste much better.

;( lettuce tacos

Being Brave

Everyone has a different way of describing the term brave. According to me, brave is when you do something out of your comfort zone. Someone is definitely reading this post and thinking the past two sentences are so dumb. And maybe that person is right or wrong that is all up to each person’s interpretation of this post. Anyway being brave is basically how I have been trying to live my life this past year and how I plan to live it in the future.

Being brave is not easy. It takes a lot of work to step out of your comfort zone. So I thought I would start this post with a funny story.

I mentioned multiple times on this blog that I joined a soccer league. I was too afraid to do it alone so I asked my friend to join. I hope one day that I won’t always feel this need to have people with me when I join certain things. Anyway on the day of our first scrimmage I was really nervous. I started to feel anxious and worried as time ticked closer to scrimmage time. I had never met my teammates. My friend was starting to get even more nervous than me and worst of all we had no idea what field we were playing on. The park where the game was had multiple fields on it. I was starting to get that uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. When I start to get nervous or anxious I become very shy and lose the ability to talk. Unfortunately, my friend, who is usually outgoing, was experiencing the same symptoms as me. I started to think ‘come on Ashley you can do this.’ I grew enough courage to walk up to a few people and ask them if they were there for soccer until one nice guy said he was. My friend and I felt a little less nervous once we knew where our team would be playing. However, our ability to do a lot of speaking was lost on us. We were the only girls playing on the team that day! Horrifying!

So what we learned from that scrimmage was that most of the guys took the game very seriously. One of the guys has such a terrible way of making remarks about the team’s playing that I try not to listen to him. He basically lets the team know how he feels about EVERYTHING. My friend and I joined the team because we like playing soccer for fun and wanted to meet new people while doing something active. Apparently, what we expected the team to be like was completely wrong.

Last Thursday, was our first game and I did an excellent job of making myself look like a fool. I was playing midfield and doing an okay job. To be honest, the guys never pass to my friend and me. The only time I would get the ball was when I stole it from someone on the opposite team or the ball accidentally landed near me. During the game on Thursday I was standing in the middle of the field while a guy from my team was kicking the ball on my right. A guy on the other team stole the ball from my teammate and kicked the ball. The kick made the ball fly high up in the air toward me. I wasn’t sure if I should hit it with my head or kick it because due to my height I was a bit limited at reaching the ball. I wasn’t even sure if the soccer ball would land in front of me or behind me. My teammate and the guy who kicked the ball came running toward me and both jumped up to reach the ball. In a split second, I realized that I was going to get hit by one of the guys so I turned my body and the guy from the other team banged into me. In other words, I got hit in the back by a guy who was at the same time getting hit by another guy. The guy on the other team fell as I did. My whole body fell on the turf so my hands were covered in gravel. However, the guys kept playing right next to my body so I was terrified that I was either going to get kicked or hit and all I could see was the ball’s shadow. I was about to get up when the ball hit me in the head, then the referee finally stopped the game after shouting,”Guys, Guys!’ because I do not think that some of the guys realized I was lying on the floor. I jumped up from the turf and was asked if I was okay, then we started the game again. What is weird is that I wasn’t even embarrassed but I did start thinking that I was done with playing soccer for the night. Haha. When the game ended my friend came over to me and the first thing she said was that my mascara was running. The whole game was played in the rain, not a drizzle but like a heavy rain that would be used in a romantic movie when the couple reunites and kisses. My clothes were drenched, my hair was soaked, and my mascara made my face look like I was just broken up with. By the way, another girl joined our team that night. She scored two goals and one of my teammates went up to her to say she played well that night while I had a referee ask if I was okay. 🙂

When I got in the car I asked my friend if she saw my fall and she said, ‘It was like watching a car accident. It was so bad that you didn’t want to look but you couldn’t look away.’ We both laughed about it in the car and reminisced about the game. However, when I got home the humiliation started to dawn on me. I kept reminding myself I would never see these people once the season ended. Like my friend Taylor Swift says I reminded myself to just ‘shake it off.’ I started thinking I was the worst soccer player and the guys probably hate that I am on the team which is probably true. I would definitely feel better if that happened on my last game because then I wouldn’t have to see my teammates again. Some things that helped me get over the humiliation that night was remembering that no one on the team is good enough to play as a professional and that my fall is just part of living. I didn’t make a scene and cry. I got up and acted like it was no big deal. I was nervous to join a soccer team and I was acting brave by doing so. Showing up to my next game is brave. There are so many things people do everyday that seem simple but are brave actions. I will post more about my interpretation of the word brave. I am sorry about how long this post is but I felt this story was a good way of introducing my posts on bravery. I actually prefer reading blog posts that show pictures. Haha. Hopefully, my next posts will have pictures. 🙂

Here is a post of my ice cream that I ate on July 4th.

the best kind of icecream is vanilla and rainbow sprinkles :)

the best kind of ice cream is vanilla and rainbow sprinkles 🙂