Nap Struggles

So in my last post I wrote about how my day was going to be very busy. Well when I came home from work that day I had a little break before my fitness class so I took a nap. HUGE MISTAKE! I woke up sooooooo grumpy. When my alarm went off I sat in bed debating if I should go to my kettlebell class. My brain literally felt like it was in a fog, but I dragged myself out of bed because those classes cost money, which I do not have a lot of.



The class was super crowded so I grabbed the last spot in the back row.


I grabbed two kettlebells to bring to my yoga mat. One was 20lb and the other was 15lb. The 15lb bell I like better because my arms feels less fatigued when I use it. The 20lb bell is used for when I do hinges. Anyhoo! A new person joined the class and the instructor took my 15lb kettlebell away and said I could just use the 20lb during class. I could feel my muscles crying as the 15lb bell was handed to the newbie.


The room was hot and I was tired.


We finished the class by stretching, which is the part I hate the most because I am not flexible. Flexible people, teach me your ways!


Class ended! I ran home to eat dinner, then rejoined the dream I left when my alarm clock rudely woke me up.


Happy Wednesday! 🙂

I’ll be spending my day at the beach reading my new book and soaking up some Vitamin D.


Fooling Myself

I am writing this post on a Friday because I have plenty of time to type. I had a very good start to my morning. I woke up an hour and a half before my morning fitness class so I had lots of time to enjoy a cup of tea and breakfast. Last week, I woke up for my fitness class about 20 minutes before it started and the best thing that happened was that I didn’t give my brain enough time to realize that I was about to do an intense workout. If that makes sense?

When I went to my class this morning I made a fool of myself. First, while swinging the kettlebell around my body I accidentally dropped it and it flew about 5 feet from me while making a loud sound as it hit the floor. I have seen people do this in class before and always thought, ‘wow! I would be so embarrassed if that was me.’ Well I guess karma bit me in the you know what this morning. Second, while stretching my abs on a yoga ball I fell. We were all laying with our backs on the ball as our hands dangled from below our heads. I titled a little too far back and lost my footing. I ended up falling sideways off the ball and became squished between the ball and the wall. As I STRUGGLED to stand up (I am not exaggerating) I look over and saw one of my classmates staring at me upside down trying not to laugh.

You ever hear someone say, ‘all bad things happen in threes?’ Well I hope that doesn’t go for embarrassing things as well. I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight and I am hoping I don’t make a fool in the event of having fun.

Below are my fitness goals for this week.


*Update* My third bad/embarrassing thing of the day was that I stained my bathroom sink pink while trying to temporary dye the ends of my hair pink.



My Poor Calves

I ran 4 miles and did a kettlebell class on Monday.

I ran 3 miles yesterday.

Today, I am running 2 miles, then heading over to a kettlebell class.

My calves feel soooooo tight! I have been massaging them all morning. I am definitely making tomorrow my rest day. I have just been on this weird high when it comes to running. The weather in NY has been gorgeous and I have always felt like the best way to enjoy a nice day out is through exercise or you know outside brunch with friends.

This morning I made a a heart shaped waffle.

waffle 2.jpg

I love pancakes and waffles, which is a good and bad thing. Good because they are yummy but bad because obviously they are not the healthiest. I feel like as I have gotten older I have acquired a stronger sweet tooth. When I was kid I ate really healthy and said no to foods such as ice cream, brownies, pancakes, and cookies.

The other day I went to TJ Maxx in search of a large mirror. While I was in the checkout line I saw this package of organic pancake mix called Birch Benders.


When I read the nutrition facts  I saw that the mix was soy and dairy free. I figured I would buy it and try it out. I am trying to limit my intake of soy for personal reasons. I have been blown away by how much food has soy in it that you would normally think wouldn’t. Two of my favorite nut bars that I eat as a snack at work have soy in it. 😦

Anyways so I tried the pancake mix and I really liked it. I didn’t notice a difference in taste and it is way easier to cut the recipe in half so that I don’t eat more than one proper serving. I have been putting almond butter on top with cut up pieces of strawberries. So far my Wednesday has been starting off nicely. When I am done writing this post I will be heading on my morning run.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

Hey Monday!

Soooo I am getting pretty pumped for summer. I will be spending a whole lot of time at the beach. I have sunglasses and hats a plenty. I’ve got bathing suits and sunscreen galore But I want more! Do I sound like a lady you might know who has red hair and strong desire to get rid of her fins and acquire 2 legs?

My wallet has been staying zipped like a therapist who just heard the juicest secret. But a girl can dream of a pretty new set of summer clothes, right?

So here are some things I wish will join me in all my instagram photos.

Kate Spade sunglasses

Triangl bikini

Vince Camuto hat


Ray Ban sunglasses

Lets all make this week awesome even if it involves wearing an outfit more than once! 🙂


Wake Me Up Two Hours After the Alarm Goes Off

I woke up this morning for a fitness class and I am still amazed that I went. If you have seen the movie Frozen, picture the scene when Anna is being woken up. Now just imagine her looking 10 times worse and that was me this morning. I cannot understand how some people are able to get up at 5 or 6 in the morning to exercise before work. Props to you guys!!! Do you grumble when you wake up or do you get up like Cinderella dancing around your bedroom? I think you all secretly hate it and hope your eyes will shoot off laser beams so that your alarm clock disintegrates. Right?! It took me 10 minutes to feel wide awake enough to get myself ready for my class. I just kept thinking about the nap I already had planned for later today.

Nevertheless, I am pleased that I went to class because my instructor commented that I improved a lot since my last class. Cue me doing a victory dance.

My whole body is currently on fire. I am pretty sure if someone tapped me I might just fall to the floor.

Happy Thursday! 🙂




Queen of Awkward

Guys! I have my hot chocolate next to me and I am watching The Bachelor finale. Basically I am living the Monday night dream. I am so bummed the season is ending. Can’t we just start a new season next Monday? I am sure they can easily find a cute, single guy that is willing to be on television.

Anyhoo!I just left kettlebell so my abs feel like they are on fire!! Do you ever have a moment where you are in a public environment and it’s like your brain travels to another land then all of a sudden you remember where you are? In my class, the instructor was showing us a move, then all of a sudden I started thinking about something embarrassing that I did at work today. Next thing I know I look around and everyone is holding their kettlebell and I am just standing there with my kettlebell still on the ground.

I am the queen of awkward during fitness classes. Last weekend I went to grab my weight during soul cycle and my hand hit the weight into the wall. I guess I went to grab it and the front of my hand hit the weight too quickly. Now imagine me twisting my feet out of the locked pedals and the instructor asking if “I was okay back there?”

Sending out good vibes for us all to have an awesome Tuesday!

ice skating

Irish soda bread from Chelsea Market 🙂


4.53! I ran over 4 miles!!! Can I get a round of applause please?

I know I sound like a huge dork right now but this is pretty big for me. On Thursday the weather in NY was gorgeous so I put on my running shoes. I ran, then I ran some more. In the words of one of the best movie characters ever (aka Forrest Gump), “I just felt like running.”

My exercise schedule for February was almost nonexistent. I am going to blame that on my new job, the allure of sleep, and not wanting to exercise.

Something magical happened on Thursday that made me lace up my brand new running shoes.

running shoes.jpg

I didn’t even realize how fast I ran until I tapped on the mapmyrun app. Anyhoo! It was an awesome run and I hope it happens again. I even stopped a few times during the run, which made me like it even more because I felt like the run wasn’t controlling me but I was controlling it. I know I sound weird!

Right now I am on an exercise high so yesterday morning I went to soul cycle with my sister, which really means I am serious because I love sleep more than anything else.

To any person reading this that usually treats 3 or 4 miles as a warm up or as something to not be proud of then too bad because I am so so so happy! 🙂

Happy Sunday everybody!


12 Thoughts I Had During My First Barre Class

Happy Wednesday! I tried a barre class for the first time. I have heard all these great things about barre and pilates classes so I figured I should join in the fun. Instead of doing a full on essay about my class I figured I would write a list of the 12 things I thought of while taking my first barre class.

august goalst

Some things I wish I did before I went to my class.

1. Wear socks

Apparently, some people love wearing socks and some do not. When I went into the studio I asked the girl at the desk if I should buy them and she said to try it out first without them. I regretted not wearing them after about 2 minutes of starting the class. I was slipping so much that I couldn’t really get as into some of the dance type moves. What is strange is that the majority of the class did not wear socks and they didn’t seem to have any issues so I think I may just have a strange problem with sweaty feet when I work out. Gross!

2. Stand in front of the mirror

One of the workers mentioned that it is nice to stand in front of the mirror as a beginner. When everybody was waiting for the class to start they were all standing against the wall so I was under the impression we would all be standing around the instructor so no one would be in the front. I picked a spot in front of the mirror. The barre class had 2 mirror walls and 2 mirrorless ones. As soon as the class started everyone moved to the middle of the room and I realized I was in the front. I felt so bad for everyone behind me. It was obvious I was new. Luckily, standing in front of the mirror definitely helped me see if I was doing all the moves correctly.

My butt was sore the next day so I definitely think I got a great lower body workout.

In other news, I went to visit my friend Holly in Virginia a few weeks back. We traveled all around central Virginia, which looked gorgeous with all the mountains covered in snow.

We took a drive over to Roanoke, Virginia to go ice skating in the city. We had a blast laughing at ourselves and trying our best not to fall. High fives all around that Holly and I did not fall. 🙂

Here is the outfit I wore while iceskating.

;( lettuce tacos.jpg

(Gotta love snapchat)
Jacket: Anthropologie
Hat: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Free People
Scarf: Nordstrom



No More Blizzards Please

Hello Monday!


In case you haven’t heard NY was hit with a storm. Some call the storm a ‘blizzard,’ I call it the day mother nature got a bit too excited with her snow machine. My first thought was ‘crap’ when I chanced a glance at my window.

snow window.jpg

I was under the impression from my dad that we were only going to get 6-12 inches. Obviously my dad did not choose the meteorologist career route and I was stuck inside. I turned on the news to see the NYC mayor letting the public know this would be one of the worst blizzards New York would have. 😦

Since I was stuck inside I was concerned I would spend the day eating mass quantities of food so I tried to start the day with a healthy breakfast.


I chose to make scrambled eggs with 1 slice of yellow american cheese (my weakness). I put hawaiian salt on top to give it some extra flavor. Funny story: my sister ordered hawaiian salt on the internet and thought she bought 1 bag but it actually came with 6 bags so I was lucky enough to snag one when I visited her. I added a piece of whole grain bread topped with strawberry jam and maple almond butter. I just bought Justin’s maple almond butter, which is my absolute favorite almond butter so I could not wait to include it in my breakfast.

I also enjoyed a hot cup of earl grey tea.

I spent the rest of the day finishing the book Brooklyn and watching Jurassic World. I also was able to run 3 miles on the treadmill.

I got this lovely text from my sister who lives in LA.


Fitness Talk!

My workouts have been going well! I joined my friend Caroline for soul cycle Friday night. I told Caroline I was craving dessert so she told me about this great place named Laduree.


We stopped by to enjoy some amazing macaroons. It was a beautiful restaurant that made you feel like you were in Paris. We went to the one located in Soho and I totally recommend you try the place if you love macaroons.

laduree 2.jpg

I know macaroons aren’t the best post workout snack, but I was craving something sweet. #noregret

I am signed up for kettlebell tonight! 🙂 The Bachelor is also on today and I am already hooked into the current season.



Green Juice = Best Juice


Aren’t palm trees just the best?


Posting on a Tuesday again? Maybe I should just start typing up posts on Tuesday instead of Mondays. 

Last night, I went to my second kettle bell class. I love kettle bell!  I left class feeling like my legs were jelly, which is sort of awesome because it means the class is working. 

I was really nervous going to the class last night because it was the first time I was going alone. Last time I went to the class with my friend Caroline. Caroline and I were having a hard time matching up our schedule so that we could go to the same class this week so I decided I would have to go alone. Here is the thing. I get really nervous and anxious doing anything that I am not use to. Joining new classes, starting a new school, and meeting new people always makes me nervous. I use to not be such a nervous wreck, but as I have gotten older I have become that way.

I have started to notice that my anxiety and nerves are negatively affecting me, which means I must do something about it. I was super nervous going to the kettle bell class because I hated the idea of walking in alone and I was worried about making a fool of myself. I even thought about not going to the class after I had already registered.

The class ended up going great last night so looking back I can see how stupid it was for me to be anxious.

meme 1.jpg

The best way to conquer my fears is to try stepping out of my comfort zone.

Anyhoo! In other news, I am trying to focus on cleaning up my eating habits. I had to go to Anthropologie to check out their knobs. My mom wanted to tag along and eat at forty carrots in Bloomingdales. When we got to Forty Carrots I ordered an apple, carrot,spinach, and kale juice.


I know it doesn’t look like the most appetizing thing in the world but don’t be fooled by the color because I was having a strong craving for it by noon the next day.

turkey sandwich.jpg

I ordered a turkey sandwich without the bread.

I refuse to deprive myself so for dessert I ordered a small, plain frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles, walnuts, and strawberries.

fro yo.jpg

Sorry! The picture is blurry because I was walking while taking the photo. I know I am a genius! 🙂