Is this not the cutest booty you have ever seen?


Meet Winnie!

I am typing today feeling a bit crappy. I flew home from my trip and right before I got on the plane I felt my throat getting a bit dry and weird. By the time I got off the plane, my throat felt swollen and dry. My ears felt funny and my voice had a dry, hoarse like quality to it. Luckily, its perfect time for me to feel like crap (weird statement? probably) because I am writing this during the weekend so no work and school. I am not really feeling any jet lag, but I think that has to do with waking up coughing a bunch. Anyway since I am getting back to normal life again I thought I would talk about some of my new posts that I will have on the blog in the next few weeks.

-I will do tons of posts on my trip to Europe

-I will go into detail how I packed everything in a carry-on suitcase

-Mention some of the books I have enjoyed reading lately

– Write some Friday lesson posts

-Of course! I will write my things that are making me happy post, which are usually my favorite to write





Fritatta Time

waffle 1waffle 2

Check out these fritatta muffins I made today. They are tasty and perfect for work days. I just pop them in the microwave for around 20 seconds, then I eat them while listening to some music on my way to work. I think they are pretty healthy (I say I think because I used to think tortilla chips were pretty healthy until I saw someone frying them last Friday) so its nice to start a work day on the right foot.

In other exciting news! I bought my first triangl bikini. I am so excited to wear it in the summer. The neoprene material feels super comfy and I am pretty sure I am already in love with the bikini bag it came with.


I was trying to change the sheets on my bed last night and my dog just would not move. She is barely five pounds but she knows how to stand her ground.

waffle 3

Anyhoo! Lets hope for a good work day and that I can find some energy to go for a run after. 🙂