Hamptons Life Is a Fun Life

The Hamptons is a beautful place to visit in NY. I was lucky enough to rent a beach house this summer with friends there and I had so much fun! So you can imagine how excited I was when I was able to visit the Hamptons one more time this summer when I went last Saturday to the Revolve house for a party they were hosting.

The party was amazing!! The decorations, people, the house, and music all made the party fabulous. It was definitely an instagram worthy place full of beautiful flowers, a life sized scrabble board, unique pool floats, and fancy wine glasses.

I figured I would show you what I wore to the event and how pretty all the decorations looked. waffle




4.53! I ran over 4 miles!!! Can I get a round of applause please?

I know I sound like a huge dork right now but this is pretty big for me. On Thursday the weather in NY was gorgeous so I put on my running shoes. I ran, then I ran some more. In the words of one of the best movie characters ever (aka Forrest Gump), “I just felt like running.”

My exercise schedule for February was almost nonexistent. I am going to blame that on my new job, the allure of sleep, and not wanting to exercise.

Something magical happened on Thursday that made me lace up my brand new running shoes.

running shoes.jpg

I didn’t even realize how fast I ran until I tapped on the mapmyrun app. Anyhoo! It was an awesome run and I hope it happens again. I even stopped a few times during the run, which made me like it even more because I felt like the run wasn’t controlling me but I was controlling it. I know I sound weird!

Right now I am on an exercise high so yesterday morning I went to soul cycle with my sister, which really means I am serious because I love sleep more than anything else.

To any person reading this that usually treats 3 or 4 miles as a warm up or as something to not be proud of then too bad because I am so so so happy! 🙂

Happy Sunday everybody!


12 Thoughts I Had During My First Barre Class

Happy Wednesday! I tried a barre class for the first time. I have heard all these great things about barre and pilates classes so I figured I should join in the fun. Instead of doing a full on essay about my class I figured I would write a list of the 12 things I thought of while taking my first barre class.

august goalst

Some things I wish I did before I went to my class.

1. Wear socks

Apparently, some people love wearing socks and some do not. When I went into the studio I asked the girl at the desk if I should buy them and she said to try it out first without them. I regretted not wearing them after about 2 minutes of starting the class. I was slipping so much that I couldn’t really get as into some of the dance type moves. What is strange is that the majority of the class did not wear socks and they didn’t seem to have any issues so I think I may just have a strange problem with sweaty feet when I work out. Gross!

2. Stand in front of the mirror

One of the workers mentioned that it is nice to stand in front of the mirror as a beginner. When everybody was waiting for the class to start they were all standing against the wall so I was under the impression we would all be standing around the instructor so no one would be in the front. I picked a spot in front of the mirror. The barre class had 2 mirror walls and 2 mirrorless ones. As soon as the class started everyone moved to the middle of the room and I realized I was in the front. I felt so bad for everyone behind me. It was obvious I was new. Luckily, standing in front of the mirror definitely helped me see if I was doing all the moves correctly.

My butt was sore the next day so I definitely think I got a great lower body workout.

In other news, I went to visit my friend Holly in Virginia a few weeks back. We traveled all around central Virginia, which looked gorgeous with all the mountains covered in snow.

We took a drive over to Roanoke, Virginia to go ice skating in the city. We had a blast laughing at ourselves and trying our best not to fall. High fives all around that Holly and I did not fall. 🙂

Here is the outfit I wore while iceskating.

;( lettuce tacos.jpg

(Gotta love snapchat)
Jacket: Anthropologie
Hat: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Free People
Scarf: Nordstrom



Disney Vaca Part 2

Second Post from the Disney Vacation. I treated this as what it was which is a vacation so the pictures aren’t the best quality.


Tuesday, we woke up early to get ready for the day. We planned to start our day at Magic Kingdom since we had reservations for Cinderella Castle for 10am.

Backstory of the Cinderella reservation

Normally getting reservations for the castles at Magic Kingdom can be a bit hard to grab. Reservations open up 6 months before the date of the reservation so they usually get booked quickly. The Friday before I left for the trip I was looking at Snapchat and I saw a friend’s snap story showing her scrolling through the Walt Disney World Dining Reservation page. I figured why not look up what is available for us when we get there. Holly and I had planned to only have one reservation during the whole trip. We figured we would just grab something in the parks. I scrolled through the Disney website and my eyeballs rolled out of my skull (bit dramatic) as I saw a spot open for breakfast at the castle. I texted Holly immediately and we decided we should book the reservation since this kind of circumstance is rare. BTW, it costs us $120 for a breakfast for 2.

We hopped on one of the Disney buses that are available for free at all the Disney resort hotels. We made it to the Magic Kingdom just in time to see the Welcome Show. Guys, I worked for the company for 8 months and I always wanted to see the show. Why did I never see it? Because I was too lazy to get up. The show was adorable and it really gets you excited to enter the park. They even picked a family to help them open the park. Adorable!

When we walked into the park we immediately had a beautiful view of this fancy thang.


We waited in line for the mine train, but the wait was too long and we were worried we would be late for breakfast so we didn’t last long in the line. No worries! We were able to ride it the next day.

blooper 1

Take 1

blooper 2

Take 2


days til xmas

When we got to the castle, we were greeted by cast members who gave us a paper with my name and I had to give it to a cast member when I walked into the entrance hall.

entrance hallentrance hall 2

The entrance hall was pretty with fancy curtains and stained glass windows.


xmas tree

Each person gets to take a picture with Cinderella. Here’s the thing, Holly and I knew we were 2 23 yr olds that obviously were a tad bit old for this whole thing, but we also recognized that it would be fun. Would I do it everyday? No. Holly and I went when we were little so we didn’t remember it too well so we said who cares to the age thing and had fun.

We took a picture with Cinderella in front of A Christmas tree, then waited for our name to be called so we could walk up the spiral staircase.


Once we reached the top of the staircase we were greeted by another cast member. Holly and I got really lucky because we were seated at a table that was right next to one of the windows.

cinderella tableview 1view 3

Our breakfast came with a drink, pastries, and a meal. In addition, we were given a wishing star and wand. Fancy, eh?


menu 2

tea at castle

drinking teaview 4pastriesmickey muffineaten pastries

wand and star.jpg

After breakfast we ran around Magic Kingdom for a bit before we skipped aka rode the bus to Hollywood Studios. We got really lucky again because Holly was able to snag fastpasses for Toy Story Mania. Toy Story Mania’s fastpasses run out quickly because the ride is a super fun, interactive game.


toy story.png







We were having so much fun in the parks that we forgot to grab something for lunch so we were super hungry around dinner time. We went over to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater restaurant to see if they had any tables open. Fortunately, we only had to wait 20 minutes for a table.

dine in.jpg

The restaurant is designed to look like an old time drive in movie theater. All the tables are shaped like cars and a big screen shows clips of sci-fi related videos.

After dinner we headed over to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. The lights show was awesome. Christmas music would play and the lights would flicker along to the song. Holly told me that this was the last year the park would have it, which is such a bummer because it’s a spectacular show. Holly wanted to see Fantasmic so we went to watch that show. Fantasmic is about a dream that Mickey Mouse is having. It shows all the famous characters from famous Disney films. There are a lot of lights, music, and dancing involved.

osbourne 1

osbourne 2

osbourne 3

osborune 3

Right after Fantasmic we rushed out of the park to get on the boat that would take us to Epcot. We made it about 20 minutes before Illuminations started. Illuminations is the fireworks show that is shown at Epcot.

We were able to stay at Epcot for extra magic hours because we were staying at a Disney resort. We were able to ride test track together and even met 2 british guys that made us laugh as we were waiting in line. Holly had never been on the ride inside the ball in Epcot so we did that and then we decided we were ready to get to bed.

To be continued….


Trying to get pumped for fall

I used to be really pumped for September, it always felt like a new year and I was always optimistic that it would be better than the last. This year my relationship with September has cracked, shattered, and been stepped on. When I came back home from Florida, last January, I was hit with a winter so cold I am still amazed my nose is still on my face. I had to walk to a fashion internship that required me to walk 8 long blocks. I would sometimes stop at Starbucks just to get a break from the cold. I was not a happy camper at all. I have always loved New York and fashion, but last winter made me never want to get out of the house. Okay, I know I am being a bit dramatic, but my excitement for the internship was quickly dwindled after dealing with the cold. Another thing is that I hate heavy jackets not light jackets just heavy jackets. Heavy jackets make you feel constricted and jumping jacks are impossible.

I am a lover of fall, spring, and summer. I think the point of winter is so that we fall in love with the three other seasons even more. I used to love winter when I was a kid, but that shattered last year. If you are reading this, then you are probably saying, ‘September is barely in the season of fall so why do you keep talking about winter?’ You would be right, but it is the first sign that stuff be a changing. (Sorry to the teacher who told me not to use the word ‘stuff’ when I write).

Just like many other people, I am very excited for fall because it is a beautiful season and I personally think it is the best time for fashion. There are so many cute outfit choices!!! I also love the smell of fall, crispy air with a light breeze. Did I mention I love apples because I love APPLES!. Apple picking, apple cider, hard apple cider, and apple butter are all the wonderful gifts fall provides.  I also love pumpkins because who doesn’t love pumpkins?! But I can’t get rid of that nagging feeling that is reminding me winter isn’t far.

Anyway I never like these posts to be negative so I would like to clarify that there are two things I love about winter and that is snow and being able to buy hot drinks at Starbucks without people making a face at you :). And I am also one of those people who still treat September as if it is the summer, which everyone really should do. In other words, I will still be found having fun at the beach, brunching (I don’t think that is a word) outside, running around NYC, and enjoying the smell of barbeques.

No matter what season it is I am always found wearing sunglasses because I love sunglasses and I despise squinting.  Right now these are my favorite sunglasses. I found them at Marshalls and the label is Lucky Brand.


Sorry for my strange eyebrow on the right.