Is this not the cutest booty you have ever seen?


Meet Winnie!

I am typing today feeling a bit crappy. I flew home from my trip and right before I got on the plane I felt my throat getting a bit dry and weird. By the time I got off the plane, my throat felt swollen and dry. My ears felt funny and my voice had a dry, hoarse like quality to it. Luckily, its perfect time for me to feel like crap (weird statement? probably) because I am writing this during the weekend so no work and school. I am not really feeling any jet lag, but I think that has to do with waking up coughing a bunch. Anyway since I am getting back to normal life again I thought I would talk about some of my new posts that I will have on the blog in the next few weeks.

-I will do tons of posts on my trip to Europe

-I will go into detail how I packed everything in a carry-on suitcase

-Mention some of the books I have enjoyed reading lately

– Write some Friday lesson posts

-Of course! I will write my things that are making me happy post, which are usually my favorite to write





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