New Year, Same Me


It’s New Year’s weekend! I tend to see myself as an easily excitable person. Holidays, friend’s birthdays, and weddings make me very excited. I find myself thinking of cute decorations, presents to give, and picking out what I should wear; However, when its comes to New Year’s Eve I am never that excited. I have been fortunate to spend it with friends and family in some great places. During my childhood, I would have a sleepover at my friend, Melissa’s while the grown ups partied downstairs. Melissa and I would have a blast with all of our other friends. Once, I became an adult I realized a lot of planning goes into the festivities but it never becomes as great as we assume it will be. We tend to have high expectations. As a kid, I just wanted to be around friends singing and dancing to whatever new song Britney Spears was signing on the radio. Now it seems like New Year’s Eve celebrating is all about finding the perfect location, outfit, and date. Soooooo….a few years ago I stopped treating it as this grand night with huge expectations. Now I choose to spend NYE doing something I enjoy, whether it is dancing with friends or watching a movie. This year, I will be ringing in 2017 with one of my close friends.

The point of this very ridiculous paragraph is that NYE doesn’t have to be the best night ever with perfect instagram posts and the best date. Enjoy the night! You can have many other amazing nights that do not have to be on December 31st. Don’t stress about the New Year celebrations. See you next year! 😉


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