Facial Relationship

My favorite view in my house right now


It’ hard to see it in the picture but there are Christmas lights hidden in the plants. I was left with a long wire of Christmas lights after putting them on the window so I placed them through out the plants. When it is dark out it gives the living room a pretty decoration.

How cute is this picture?img_4167

In other news, I had to get a facial the other day. 😦

So I am one of those people who has been ‘graced’ with blackheads, which means I have to get a facial every month. :/ I have pores that you could probably spot from Mars. As most people who frequent spas know facials are expensive so even though I say I need them every month it doesn’t mean that I actually get them every month. Last week, I was overdue for a facial (4 months) so I booked an appointment and watched my wallet cry as I handed over my money. I realized 5 things happen to me every time I get a facial.

  1. I am told I have a ton of blackheads(what a surprise?!)
  2. I start to feel like I have to sneeze as the blackheads are extracted
  3. I wonder if I should have just booked a massage
  4. I try to catch my breath everytime steam is placed on my face
  5. I wish they would change the music on the speakers

I have yet to find any cheap facial products to get rid of blackheads. Not to be negative or gross I just felt I needed to vent about my dislike of getting facials. I understand many people experience enjoyable ones and even are psyched to get one. I am aware that I am rare when saying I am not a fan. On the bright side, I am going to kettle bell this morning or as I call it “a quicker way to clog my pores” class. Tonight, I am going to my friend’s place to watch xmas movies and drink William Sonoma hot chocolate. 🙂



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