New Year, Same Me


It’s New Year’s weekend! I tend to see myself as an easily excitable person. Holidays, friend’s birthdays, and weddings make me very excited. I find myself thinking of cute decorations, presents to give, and picking out what I should wear; However, when its comes to New Year’s Eve I am never that excited. I have been fortunate to spend it with friends and family in some great places. During my childhood, I would have a sleepover at my friend, Melissa’s while the grown ups partied downstairs. Melissa and I would have a blast with all of our other friends. Once, I became an adult I realized a lot of planning goes into the festivities but it never becomes as great as we assume it will be. We tend to have high expectations. As a kid, I just wanted to be around friends singing and dancing to whatever new song Britney Spears was signing on the radio. Now it seems like New Year’s Eve celebrating is all about finding the perfect location, outfit, and date. Soooooo….a few years ago I stopped treating it as this grand night with huge expectations. Now I choose to spend NYE doing something I enjoy, whether it is dancing with friends or watching a movie. This year, I will be ringing in 2017 with one of my close friends.

The point of this very ridiculous paragraph is that NYE doesn’t have to be the best night ever with perfect instagram posts and the best date. Enjoy the night! You can have many other amazing nights that do not have to be on December 31st. Don’t stress about the New Year celebrations. See you next year! 😉


How Do You Not Overpack?


Wishing I could be drinking this hot chocolate right now. The main goal of today is to finish packing for my trip because I hate packing and I also don’t want to wait until the last possible day to pack  because we all know that leads to overpacking. I am so excited for my trip! 🙂

Have a happy Monday!


Happy Friday!

I am typing this with a hot cup of tea. I woke up way too early from a scary nightmare so here I am writing up this post. Isn’t it frightening how real nightmares can seem? Anyways it’s Friday so I am sure many people are waking up with a smile. 🙂

Breakfast this morning was an omelette with a banana on the side. The omelette may not look appetizing, but it is ridiculously good.


Ingredients: pesto, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and onions

I am going to do a mini recap of my favorites this week because why not?!

Favorite tree:


Favorite vegetarian meal:


These are mini veggie burgers from Laduree. Soooo good 🙂

Favorite song:

“How Far I’ll Go” by Auli’l Cravalho (Moana soundtrack)

Favorite painting:

I made this at a Pinot’s Palette with my family a few weeks ago.


Have a good weekend! 🙂

Facial Relationship

My favorite view in my house right now


It’ hard to see it in the picture but there are Christmas lights hidden in the plants. I was left with a long wire of Christmas lights after putting them on the window so I placed them through out the plants. When it is dark out it gives the living room a pretty decoration.

How cute is this picture?img_4167

In other news, I had to get a facial the other day. 😦

So I am one of those people who has been ‘graced’ with blackheads, which means I have to get a facial every month. :/ I have pores that you could probably spot from Mars. As most people who frequent spas know facials are expensive so even though I say I need them every month it doesn’t mean that I actually get them every month. Last week, I was overdue for a facial (4 months) so I booked an appointment and watched my wallet cry as I handed over my money. I realized 5 things happen to me every time I get a facial.

  1. I am told I have a ton of blackheads(what a surprise?!)
  2. I start to feel like I have to sneeze as the blackheads are extracted
  3. I wonder if I should have just booked a massage
  4. I try to catch my breath everytime steam is placed on my face
  5. I wish they would change the music on the speakers

I have yet to find any cheap facial products to get rid of blackheads. Not to be negative or gross I just felt I needed to vent about my dislike of getting facials. I understand many people experience enjoyable ones and even are psyched to get one. I am aware that I am rare when saying I am not a fan. On the bright side, I am going to kettle bell this morning or as I call it “a quicker way to clog my pores” class. Tonight, I am going to my friend’s place to watch xmas movies and drink William Sonoma hot chocolate. 🙂


Top Ten

Lately, I have noticed that I have certain things in my life that I am loving right now. A smile starts to creep on my face as I think of all these things. I have compiled a list of my “top ten”because I think anything that makes you happy should be shared.

  1. Bath and Body Works candle. This candle transforms me back to a childhood moment of waking up to the smell of pancakes on the weekend. I immediately had to buy this candle when I smelt it in the store. And it was on sale! img_4146
  2. Crepe machine. My mom and I are a huge fan of crepes. When I was in high school, my mother would pick me up and take me to this french themed restaurant where we would eat the yummiest crepes. Last weekend, my mom bought the pan and I have made so many crepes. Maybe my dream job should be opening a crepe shop?  😉
  3. Christmas music! I have to mention it. Christmas music gives me such a pep in my step. 🙂img_4141
  4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    My sister and I went to see the movie and I loved it! I can’t stop looking at to learn more about the characters. I can’t believe I have to wait so long for the next one. I have so many questions that I need answered. I read the book after seeing the movie and I loved it too!
  5. Dancing. It’s free and its fun. I maybe terrible at doing it but I can’t stop, won’t stop.
  6. Solar powered LED lights. Helping the environment is very important to me so when I saw that amazon had solar powered lights for christmas I knew they would be perfect for the holiday season.
  7. SALES!!!! I have been on a search for a gray pom-pom hat for the winter. I finally found one on sale. It’s original price is $88 but is on sale for $29. Luckily, I had a $20 coupon as well so after using the coupon it came out to $17. 🙂 Blame the shipping price for it not being $9 like I thought it would be. I will show you when it comes in the mail.
  8. Hot apple cider mixed with William Sonoma mulled spices. SOOOO GOOD!tea morning
  9. This horrifying creature.img_4129Meet Charlie. My family rescued her in Brooklyn. She has the canter of a baby deer, the energy of the energizer bunny, and the anger of a manatee. She is all limbs and her greatest achievement is falling asleep in less than 2 minutes.
  10. FINALLY! Number 10 is a big one because I get to do my favorite thing……TRAVEL. I am leaving the country this winter for a trip with one of my best friends. It has been consuming my mind for the past two weeks since I booked the tickets. I will take lots of pictures and I am sure it will be an amazing, memorable experience.sunset 2


I have missed blogging. Life got crazy busy, then again when does it not feel like a rollercoaster? I plan on relaxing today by going to the spa with my mom. I bought her a gift card for a massage last Christmas so we figured tomorrow would be a good day to utilize it. We both are off work so it should be a fun day.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂