Nap Struggles

So in my last post I wrote about how my day was going to be very busy. Well when I came home from work that day I had a little break before my fitness class so I took a nap. HUGE MISTAKE! I woke up sooooooo grumpy. When my alarm went off I sat in bed debating if I should go to my kettlebell class. My brain literally felt like it was in a fog, but I dragged myself out of bed because those classes cost money, which I do not have a lot of.



The class was super crowded so I grabbed the last spot in the back row.


I grabbed two kettlebells to bring to my yoga mat. One was 20lb and the other was 15lb. The 15lb bell I like better because my arms feels less fatigued when I use it. The 20lb bell is used for when I do hinges. Anyhoo! A new person joined the class and the instructor took my 15lb kettlebell away and said I could just use the 20lb during class. I could feel my muscles crying as the 15lb bell was handed to the newbie.


The room was hot and I was tired.


We finished the class by stretching, which is the part I hate the most because I am not flexible. Flexible people, teach me your ways!


Class ended! I ran home to eat dinner, then rejoined the dream I left when my alarm clock rudely woke me up.


Happy Wednesday! 🙂

I’ll be spending my day at the beach reading my new book and soaking up some Vitamin D.


Lesson of the Day

Quick breakfast this morning!


I have a busy day ahead of me. I have work, a fitness class, appointments to attend, and flashdrives to buy.

I bought a flash drive to save all of my info on because I am unsure if I am going to buy a new computer. I have had my computer since 2010 so it’s a little bit slow. Anyhoo! I went to the store and bought the cheapest flashdrive because I figured a fancy one wouldn’t be necessary. Well it looks like I need an education in flashdrive shopping because I bought a flashdrive that wasn’t too helpful. I left the store with a 8GB flashdrive, which is pretty much a waste because just my photo collection alone is 13GB. 😦

Lesson of the Day:

Check the gigabytes on your computer before buying a flashdrive.

Have a happy Monday! 🙂




Fooling Myself

I am writing this post on a Friday because I have plenty of time to type. I had a very good start to my morning. I woke up an hour and a half before my morning fitness class so I had lots of time to enjoy a cup of tea and breakfast. Last week, I woke up for my fitness class about 20 minutes before it started and the best thing that happened was that I didn’t give my brain enough time to realize that I was about to do an intense workout. If that makes sense?

When I went to my class this morning I made a fool of myself. First, while swinging the kettlebell around my body I accidentally dropped it and it flew about 5 feet from me while making a loud sound as it hit the floor. I have seen people do this in class before and always thought, ‘wow! I would be so embarrassed if that was me.’ Well I guess karma bit me in the you know what this morning. Second, while stretching my abs on a yoga ball I fell. We were all laying with our backs on the ball as our hands dangled from below our heads. I titled a little too far back and lost my footing. I ended up falling sideways off the ball and became squished between the ball and the wall. As I STRUGGLED to stand up (I am not exaggerating) I look over and saw one of my classmates staring at me upside down trying not to laugh.

You ever hear someone say, ‘all bad things happen in threes?’ Well I hope that doesn’t go for embarrassing things as well. I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight and I am hoping I don’t make a fool in the event of having fun.

Below are my fitness goals for this week.


*Update* My third bad/embarrassing thing of the day was that I stained my bathroom sink pink while trying to temporary dye the ends of my hair pink.