I am a Board

Who doesn’t love a Thursday? It is basically the pre game for the weekend.

I spent today feeling stiff as a board and I am pretty sure I will be for the next week three days. I went to a kettlebell class this morning and I haven’t been to a class since either April or May so my body was not prepared. First of all, getting up this morning was torture. I am a nine-hour type sleeper so anything below that makes me feel like I am waking up out of a haze. Second, I got to the class and figured my body would be used to it, but the instructor said she pretty much did the same thing when she missed classes for a while. I had to lower the amount of weight I use to use and all of the exercises were intense. At least this means the classes were actually working on my arms when I went regularly. I finished the class doing super intense ab exercises because when the teacher asked the class if they wanted to finish with arms or abs the class said abs. Is it just me that prefers arm exercises over abs? I was a super sweaty mess when I left so I ran 2 miles to give my legs a little bit more exercise. The humidity in NY hasn’t been very kind to my hair so I have permanent hair halo going on and the sweat from running hasn’t made it look any better.

Sorry for such a lame exercise post. I had a yummy breakfast this morning so I am one happy camper. I have cauliflower rice in the fridge that will start going bad soon if I do not use it so I will be spending some time on Pinterest looking for some good recipes. Since I didn’t take a picture of my breakfast I figure I will show you that I found churros at Trader Joes. The little 8-year-old in me was so excited. Now all I need to do is buy caramel sauce. 🙂



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