Relaxation Is a Hobby

I love a good month of July as much as I love having colored toes. When I came back from the Hamptons I was in serious need of a pedicure. The sand really did a number on my feet so I headed over to my local salon. I am all about saving money so I tend to lean toward the DIY nail spa in my room but I decided getting them professionally done would be a bit more fun this time. I am in love with the color. It was relaxing and I was all alone as I read my magazine.


I was staring at my toes this morning (I know. I am weird) and I started thinking about other things that I find enjoyable to do when I am alone.

I love being around people but sometimes family and friends are busy with jobs and other committments so we all end up at some point having time for just ourselves. We have to learn to enjoy that time with ourselves as much as the time we experience with others.

Six things I love doing by myself are

  • Reading. I love reading so much I could talk non-stop about it. Reading allows me to experience a diffeent world without leaving my comfy seat.
  •  Driving in the car with the music blasting.
  • Dancing. Yes, I am one of those people who dances in their home by themselves.
  • Walking my dog. Anyone that has a dog knows this can be pretty relaxing.
  • Paddle boarding. I tried this while I was in the Hamptons and I am obssessed right now. So much fun!!!
  • Running

Sending positive Monday vibes 🙂


One thought on “Relaxation Is a Hobby

  1. Fed says:

    Interesting. I also like driving alone in the car – its always going to be music I like and I’m free to sing out loud : ) At least until I hit a red light and I stop singing to avoid looks from other drivers : P

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