What Are The Cool Kids Up To

Happy Monday!

I ran 4 miles! Yay! 🙂 When I ran last week it ended up terribly. I made it to the end of mile 1 and I honestly felt like crap so I just turned around and went home. I literally threw in the towel and got in the shower because running was just not happening. Today, I woke up and just ran and ran until I felt like going home.

I thought I would compile a bunch of pictures from this week.

I made this awesome cauliflower fried rice . I found the recipe on whatsfordinneresq . It tasted amazing like I ate the whole thing in two days.

Here is a picture of my alarm clock that I set before I took a shower. I was scared that I would miss the beginning of The Bacholorette. I could not possibly be the only one who goes into a trance like state in the shower, right?

waffle 4.png

I bought a magic bullet last week so I am trying out different recipes. I made a strawberry smoothie for the first time and I must say it tasted great! I made it the next day to have on my way to work and it kept me full for three hours. Not bad! I might add chia seeds to see if that will keep my belly full for a little longer.

waffle 5.jpg

I always try to use a reusable bag when I go grocery shopping so my mom bought me one from a british store that she visited in LA.





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