Tuesday Rant

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

It is a famous quote that I have heard multiple times but I have never followed. I noticed this week that I really need to take into account that I can determine my own self confidence.

I am a 23 year old trying to navigate life as best as possible. Unfortunately, along the way I have noticed that people find it okay to comment on my life choices. We all do have a right to voice our opinions but what I can’t understand is why it is necessary all the time. I have had multiple people comment on my job, my future plans, and how I look. What I want to say to these people is ‘Why do you care?’ and ‘Does my life choices affect you in anyway?’

I noticed people really started to make comments about my life when I was picking a college to go to. I loved the college I decided to attend but I sometimes wonder if I picked that school because the people around me were always talking about how I should go there. Once, I started college people started voicing their opinions on the major I chose. I changed my major 4 times so it isn’t hard to imagine how bummed I felt when people made negative comments about the major I graduated with. When I graduated from college strangers would make negative comments about my first job out of college. Sadly, all of those comments can start to hurt and make me feel like I am failing at everything.

This week someone started telling me I should get out of the job I am doing and asking why I am doing said job. I finally just wanted to turn to that person and say “why do you care?’

It is hard to have a high level of self confidence when you haven’t picked what job you want to do with your life while other people your age are moving onto jobs higher than entry-level. In addition, I am also trying to feel confident in my own skin and not compare myself to others.

When I read Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote today I was reminded that although my confidence feels incredibly low when people say something negative to me it does not mean that has to happen. I get to choose if someone’s comments are going to affect me. I can let the comments just roll off my shoulders and rememeber that how I run my life is my choice.  The only person I do not want to dissapoint is my mother because she is my biggest cheerleader and I know she just wants me to be happy.

Sending out positive vibes on this lovely Tuesday! 🙂 Let’s make it awesome.





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