Wake Me Up Two Hours After the Alarm Goes Off

I woke up this morning for a fitness class and I am still amazed that I went. If you have seen the movie Frozen, picture the scene when Anna is being woken up. Now just imagine her looking 10 times worse and that was me this morning. I cannot understand how some people are able to get up at 5 or 6 in the morning to exercise before work. Props to you guys!!! Do you grumble when you wake up or do you get up like Cinderella dancing around your bedroom? I think you all secretly hate it and hope your eyes will shoot off laser beams so that your alarm clock disintegrates. Right?! It took me 10 minutes to feel wide awake enough to get myself ready for my class. I just kept thinking about the nap I already had planned for later today.

Nevertheless, I am pleased that I went to class because my instructor commented that I improved a lot since my last class. Cue me doing a victory dance.

My whole body is currently on fire. I am pretty sure if someone tapped me I might just fall to the floor.

Happy Thursday! 🙂





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