12 Thoughts I Had During My First Barre Class

Happy Wednesday! I tried a barre class for the first time. I have heard all these great things about barre and pilates classes so I figured I should join in the fun. Instead of doing a full on essay about my class I figured I would write a list of the 12 things I thought of while taking my first barre class.

august goalst

Some things I wish I did before I went to my class.

1. Wear socks

Apparently, some people love wearing socks and some do not. When I went into the studio I asked the girl at the desk if I should buy them and she said to try it out first without them. I regretted not wearing them after about 2 minutes of starting the class. I was slipping so much that I couldn’t really get as into some of the dance type moves. What is strange is that the majority of the class did not wear socks and they didn’t seem to have any issues so I think I may just have a strange problem with sweaty feet when I work out. Gross!

2. Stand in front of the mirror

One of the workers mentioned that it is nice to stand in front of the mirror as a beginner. When everybody was waiting for the class to start they were all standing against the wall so I was under the impression we would all be standing around the instructor so no one would be in the front. I picked a spot in front of the mirror. The barre class had 2 mirror walls and 2 mirrorless ones. As soon as the class started everyone moved to the middle of the room and I realized I was in the front. I felt so bad for everyone behind me. It was obvious I was new. Luckily, standing in front of the mirror definitely helped me see if I was doing all the moves correctly.

My butt was sore the next day so I definitely think I got a great lower body workout.

In other news, I went to visit my friend Holly in Virginia a few weeks back. We traveled all around central Virginia, which looked gorgeous with all the mountains covered in snow.

We took a drive over to Roanoke, Virginia to go ice skating in the city. We had a blast laughing at ourselves and trying our best not to fall. High fives all around that Holly and I did not fall. 🙂

Here is the outfit I wore while iceskating.

;( lettuce tacos.jpg

(Gotta love snapchat)
Jacket: Anthropologie
Hat: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Free People
Scarf: Nordstrom




A Pudding Morning


How can a day involve so many emotions? I had to wake up super early this morning. 😦 I am not a morning person;however my morning attitude is going to change. I am going to become one of those “strange” people who smile and say, ‘good morning!’ You know those odd individuals who seem really happy on the elevator while you are struggling not to fall asleep on your coworker’s shoulder? It is definitely a struggle to fall asleep at a decent hour. I will be really tired at 8 o’clock, then midnight strikes and I feel like I can run 10 miles.

Fortunately, today is ending on a happy note because I have kettlebell class, then I rush home to watch the Bachelor. I am obsessed with this show! Haha.

My fitness plan this week

  • 3 runs
  • 2 kettlebell classes
  • 2 ab workouts
  • 1 spin or pilates class

I made chia seed pudding last night.


I pinned some recipes on my Pinterest board a few weeks back. I was pretty pumped to try out a cinnamon raisin recipe. I made the pudding with vanilla unsweetened almond milk and I left it in the fridge for 3 hours.

snow window.jpg

It tasted very good when I tried it, but did not have as thick of a consistency as I would have liked so I put it back in the fridge to leave over night.Leaving it over night was definitely a good idea because it tasted even better this morning. This was my first time ever using almond milk in a recipe and I definitely approve.

On a side note. I sent a  Valentine’s Day package to my niece and nephew so here is a picture because I am sort of obsessed with the holiday.


Who doesn’t love the colors red and pink? Probably a lot of people. Haha. To me Valentine’s Day reminds me that love exists in the world. Love can be a dog owner walking their dog because they want it to get a lot of exercise or a roommate making you your favorite pancakes because you had a bad day.