No More Blizzards Please

Hello Monday!


In case you haven’t heard NY was hit with a storm. Some call the storm a ‘blizzard,’ I call it the day mother nature got a bit too excited with her snow machine. My first thought was ‘crap’ when I chanced a glance at my window.

snow window.jpg

I was under the impression from my dad that we were only going to get 6-12 inches. Obviously my dad did not choose the meteorologist career route and I was stuck inside. I turned on the news to see the NYC mayor letting the public know this would be one of the worst blizzards New York would have. 😦

Since I was stuck inside I was concerned I would spend the day eating mass quantities of food so I tried to start the day with a healthy breakfast.


I chose to make scrambled eggs with 1 slice of yellow american cheese (my weakness). I put hawaiian salt on top to give it some extra flavor. Funny story: my sister ordered hawaiian salt on the internet and thought she bought 1 bag but it actually came with 6 bags so I was lucky enough to snag one when I visited her. I added a piece of whole grain bread topped with strawberry jam and maple almond butter. I just bought Justin’s maple almond butter, which is my absolute favorite almond butter so I could not wait to include it in my breakfast.

I also enjoyed a hot cup of earl grey tea.

I spent the rest of the day finishing the book Brooklyn and watching Jurassic World. I also was able to run 3 miles on the treadmill.

I got this lovely text from my sister who lives in LA.


Fitness Talk!

My workouts have been going well! I joined my friend Caroline for soul cycle Friday night. I told Caroline I was craving dessert so she told me about this great place named Laduree.


We stopped by to enjoy some amazing macaroons. It was a beautiful restaurant that made you feel like you were in Paris. We went to the one located in Soho and I totally recommend you try the place if you love macaroons.

laduree 2.jpg

I know macaroons aren’t the best post workout snack, but I was craving something sweet. #noregret

I am signed up for kettlebell tonight! 🙂 The Bachelor is also on today and I am already hooked into the current season.




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