Disney Vaca Part 1

Last week, I made a quick trip to Walt Disney World. About 3 weeks ago, I texted my friend, Holly to see if she wanted to go on a short vacation and we both agreed Disney would be a fun choice. Holly is in law school so she was on her winter break. I had a brief moment in my schedule that made me free. We went for 4 days and we had an absolute blast. I thought I would show a few photos from the trip. Some people may find these photos helpful in case they are visiting the parks.


On my first day my flight was delayed 3 hours. I didn’t think to check my flight status before I left so i didn’t realize it was delayed until I was already in line for security. I have no idea why I didn’t check the flight status. I normally do, but I guess my brain was more focused on Disney and getting to see one of my best friends. *face palm* I spent around 5 whole hours in an airport that barely had anything in the terminal. I sort of turned the airport into my office and made a ton of phone calls. I ate a sandwich that I brought from home that I really wish I took a picture of because it tasted amazing!

When I finally landed at the airport I was greeted by Holly, who had bought me a black coffee. 🙂 We headed straight for our hotel, All Star Music. Holly found a great deal on the hotel so I paid $127 for 3 nights.


We quickly got dressed and headed to Disney Springs (aka Downtown Disney). We ate at a new place, Morimoto Asia. Holly and I shared a california roll. I ordered a Lo mein vegetable for myself with a side of green tea. This was my first time trying a california roll, I would definitely get it again.


sushigreen tea

lo mein.jpg

It was only 10 when we finished so we walked over to Paradiso 37 to have drinks. I ordered a house margarita and Holly had sangria. We both agreed chips and guacamole would be a nice addition to our drinks.

After almost two hours of talking we headed to the buses. We wanted to get a good night sleep since we had to be up early to have breakfast at Cinderella Castle.

Second post to be published soon. 🙂


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