Just Call Me An Early Riser

Happy Friday!

I woke up pretty early this morning at 4:30am. Do you ever have a bad nightmare and no matter how tired you are you just can’t go back to sleep? I had such a terrible nightmare that I needed sometime to remind myself it wasn’t real. I know I am an ‘adult’, but that nightmare freaked me out.

I didn’t want to eat too early so I poured myself a hot green tea and decided to try out a vegan oatmeal raisin(took 6 tries to spell raisin right) cookie recipe I found on the internet over the summer. The ingredients called for bananas so I was happy to use some overly ripened bananas. I am not a huge fan of super ripe bananas that are leaning toward the color brown.


I put all my ingredients in a bowl, then stuck them in the oven. While mixing all the ingredients I was reminded of my lack of a food processor. I think after I type this post I will be searching the internet for a cheap food processor.


I cannot find my blender, which is what I would normally use as a substitute for a food processor. I have bought 3 cheap blenders in the past 5 years and I could not tell you where any of them are. I haven’t used a blender in over a year. I can’t remember if I gave them away (that would be really stupid) or threw them away (dumb idea). I am praying I will find my blender(s) this week. I miss making smoothies and juices.

august goals.jpg

So the rolled oats in the ingredients made the cookies look a little less like cookies and more like oatmeal chunks, nevertheless they still tasted amazing.

I wish I knew how many calories the cookies were because I ate 4. Haha. One thing I hate about trying out recipes is that a lot of the time I never know how many calories I am consuming. Sometimes it is just easier to bake the frozen cookie dough from the grocery store because then I am less likely to eat 4 cookies.

By the way, I know it is only January but I have already started looking at rompers for the Summer. There are so many cute ones on so many different sites. I am renting a beach house with a group of people this summer and I want to have some cute outfits to dress up in at night.

Favorite song of the week: ‘Alive’ by Sia

Favorite purchase of the week: Clarisonic Mia Fit

Favorite lesson: Sometimes your body needs more sleep and not setting an alarm is okay


No More Blizzards Please

Hello Monday!


In case you haven’t heard NY was hit with a storm. Some call the storm a ‘blizzard,’ I call it the day mother nature got a bit too excited with her snow machine. My first thought was ‘crap’ when I chanced a glance at my window.

snow window.jpg

I was under the impression from my dad that we were only going to get 6-12 inches. Obviously my dad did not choose the meteorologist career route and I was stuck inside. I turned on the news to see the NYC mayor letting the public know this would be one of the worst blizzards New York would have. 😦

Since I was stuck inside I was concerned I would spend the day eating mass quantities of food so I tried to start the day with a healthy breakfast.


I chose to make scrambled eggs with 1 slice of yellow american cheese (my weakness). I put hawaiian salt on top to give it some extra flavor. Funny story: my sister ordered hawaiian salt on the internet and thought she bought 1 bag but it actually came with 6 bags so I was lucky enough to snag one when I visited her. I added a piece of whole grain bread topped with strawberry jam and maple almond butter. I just bought Justin’s maple almond butter, which is my absolute favorite almond butter so I could not wait to include it in my breakfast.

I also enjoyed a hot cup of earl grey tea.

I spent the rest of the day finishing the book Brooklyn and watching Jurassic World. I also was able to run 3 miles on the treadmill.

I got this lovely text from my sister who lives in LA.


Fitness Talk!

My workouts have been going well! I joined my friend Caroline for soul cycle Friday night. I told Caroline I was craving dessert so she told me about this great place named Laduree.


We stopped by to enjoy some amazing macaroons. It was a beautiful restaurant that made you feel like you were in Paris. We went to the one located in Soho and I totally recommend you try the place if you love macaroons.

laduree 2.jpg

I know macaroons aren’t the best post workout snack, but I was craving something sweet. #noregret

I am signed up for kettlebell tonight! 🙂 The Bachelor is also on today and I am already hooked into the current season.



Disney Vaca Part 2

Second Post from the Disney Vacation. I treated this as what it was which is a vacation so the pictures aren’t the best quality.


Tuesday, we woke up early to get ready for the day. We planned to start our day at Magic Kingdom since we had reservations for Cinderella Castle for 10am.

Backstory of the Cinderella reservation

Normally getting reservations for the castles at Magic Kingdom can be a bit hard to grab. Reservations open up 6 months before the date of the reservation so they usually get booked quickly. The Friday before I left for the trip I was looking at Snapchat and I saw a friend’s snap story showing her scrolling through the Walt Disney World Dining Reservation page. I figured why not look up what is available for us when we get there. Holly and I had planned to only have one reservation during the whole trip. We figured we would just grab something in the parks. I scrolled through the Disney website and my eyeballs rolled out of my skull (bit dramatic) as I saw a spot open for breakfast at the castle. I texted Holly immediately and we decided we should book the reservation since this kind of circumstance is rare. BTW, it costs us $120 for a breakfast for 2.

We hopped on one of the Disney buses that are available for free at all the Disney resort hotels. We made it to the Magic Kingdom just in time to see the Welcome Show. Guys, I worked for the company for 8 months and I always wanted to see the show. Why did I never see it? Because I was too lazy to get up. The show was adorable and it really gets you excited to enter the park. They even picked a family to help them open the park. Adorable!

When we walked into the park we immediately had a beautiful view of this fancy thang.


We waited in line for the mine train, but the wait was too long and we were worried we would be late for breakfast so we didn’t last long in the line. No worries! We were able to ride it the next day.

blooper 1

Take 1

blooper 2

Take 2


days til xmas

When we got to the castle, we were greeted by cast members who gave us a paper with my name and I had to give it to a cast member when I walked into the entrance hall.

entrance hallentrance hall 2

The entrance hall was pretty with fancy curtains and stained glass windows.


xmas tree

Each person gets to take a picture with Cinderella. Here’s the thing, Holly and I knew we were 2 23 yr olds that obviously were a tad bit old for this whole thing, but we also recognized that it would be fun. Would I do it everyday? No. Holly and I went when we were little so we didn’t remember it too well so we said who cares to the age thing and had fun.

We took a picture with Cinderella in front of A Christmas tree, then waited for our name to be called so we could walk up the spiral staircase.


Once we reached the top of the staircase we were greeted by another cast member. Holly and I got really lucky because we were seated at a table that was right next to one of the windows.

cinderella tableview 1view 3

Our breakfast came with a drink, pastries, and a meal. In addition, we were given a wishing star and wand. Fancy, eh?


menu 2

tea at castle

drinking teaview 4pastriesmickey muffineaten pastries

wand and star.jpg

After breakfast we ran around Magic Kingdom for a bit before we skipped aka rode the bus to Hollywood Studios. We got really lucky again because Holly was able to snag fastpasses for Toy Story Mania. Toy Story Mania’s fastpasses run out quickly because the ride is a super fun, interactive game.


toy story.png







We were having so much fun in the parks that we forgot to grab something for lunch so we were super hungry around dinner time. We went over to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater restaurant to see if they had any tables open. Fortunately, we only had to wait 20 minutes for a table.

dine in.jpg

The restaurant is designed to look like an old time drive in movie theater. All the tables are shaped like cars and a big screen shows clips of sci-fi related videos.

After dinner we headed over to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. The lights show was awesome. Christmas music would play and the lights would flicker along to the song. Holly told me that this was the last year the park would have it, which is such a bummer because it’s a spectacular show. Holly wanted to see Fantasmic so we went to watch that show. Fantasmic is about a dream that Mickey Mouse is having. It shows all the famous characters from famous Disney films. There are a lot of lights, music, and dancing involved.

osbourne 1

osbourne 2

osbourne 3

osborune 3

Right after Fantasmic we rushed out of the park to get on the boat that would take us to Epcot. We made it about 20 minutes before Illuminations started. Illuminations is the fireworks show that is shown at Epcot.

We were able to stay at Epcot for extra magic hours because we were staying at a Disney resort. We were able to ride test track together and even met 2 british guys that made us laugh as we were waiting in line. Holly had never been on the ride inside the ball in Epcot so we did that and then we decided we were ready to get to bed.

To be continued….


Green Juice = Best Juice


Aren’t palm trees just the best?


Posting on a Tuesday again? Maybe I should just start typing up posts on Tuesday instead of Mondays. 

Last night, I went to my second kettle bell class. I love kettle bell!  I left class feeling like my legs were jelly, which is sort of awesome because it means the class is working. 

I was really nervous going to the class last night because it was the first time I was going alone. Last time I went to the class with my friend Caroline. Caroline and I were having a hard time matching up our schedule so that we could go to the same class this week so I decided I would have to go alone. Here is the thing. I get really nervous and anxious doing anything that I am not use to. Joining new classes, starting a new school, and meeting new people always makes me nervous. I use to not be such a nervous wreck, but as I have gotten older I have become that way.

I have started to notice that my anxiety and nerves are negatively affecting me, which means I must do something about it. I was super nervous going to the kettle bell class because I hated the idea of walking in alone and I was worried about making a fool of myself. I even thought about not going to the class after I had already registered.

The class ended up going great last night so looking back I can see how stupid it was for me to be anxious.

meme 1.jpg

The best way to conquer my fears is to try stepping out of my comfort zone.

Anyhoo! In other news, I am trying to focus on cleaning up my eating habits. I had to go to Anthropologie to check out their knobs. My mom wanted to tag along and eat at forty carrots in Bloomingdales. When we got to Forty Carrots I ordered an apple, carrot,spinach, and kale juice.


I know it doesn’t look like the most appetizing thing in the world but don’t be fooled by the color because I was having a strong craving for it by noon the next day.

turkey sandwich.jpg

I ordered a turkey sandwich without the bread.

I refuse to deprive myself so for dessert I ordered a small, plain frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles, walnuts, and strawberries.

fro yo.jpg

Sorry! The picture is blurry because I was walking while taking the photo. I know I am a genius! 🙂



Disney Vaca Part 1

Last week, I made a quick trip to Walt Disney World. About 3 weeks ago, I texted my friend, Holly to see if she wanted to go on a short vacation and we both agreed Disney would be a fun choice. Holly is in law school so she was on her winter break. I had a brief moment in my schedule that made me free. We went for 4 days and we had an absolute blast. I thought I would show a few photos from the trip. Some people may find these photos helpful in case they are visiting the parks.


On my first day my flight was delayed 3 hours. I didn’t think to check my flight status before I left so i didn’t realize it was delayed until I was already in line for security. I have no idea why I didn’t check the flight status. I normally do, but I guess my brain was more focused on Disney and getting to see one of my best friends. *face palm* I spent around 5 whole hours in an airport that barely had anything in the terminal. I sort of turned the airport into my office and made a ton of phone calls. I ate a sandwich that I brought from home that I really wish I took a picture of because it tasted amazing!

When I finally landed at the airport I was greeted by Holly, who had bought me a black coffee. 🙂 We headed straight for our hotel, All Star Music. Holly found a great deal on the hotel so I paid $127 for 3 nights.


We quickly got dressed and headed to Disney Springs (aka Downtown Disney). We ate at a new place, Morimoto Asia. Holly and I shared a california roll. I ordered a Lo mein vegetable for myself with a side of green tea. This was my first time trying a california roll, I would definitely get it again.


sushigreen tea

lo mein.jpg

It was only 10 when we finished so we walked over to Paradiso 37 to have drinks. I ordered a house margarita and Holly had sangria. We both agreed chips and guacamole would be a nice addition to our drinks.

After almost two hours of talking we headed to the buses. We wanted to get a good night sleep since we had to be up early to have breakfast at Cinderella Castle.

Second post to be published soon. 🙂

Monday Post On a Tuesday

Hi there!

This past weekend was fabulous and involved a lot of delicious food. I was able to eat some yummy breakfast Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I ate brunch with my friend Caroline. I was craving something sweet so I ordered a waffle and a hot tea. The waffle was covered in strawberries, blueberries, and vanilla yogurt.


In addition, our brunch was a prefix menu so it came with pastries and fruit for the whole table.


Caroline and I had to ask for the pastries to be put in a to go box because it was so much food for our stomachs to handle. It was nice getting to see Caroline since I haven’t seen her since my vacation (vacation post will be published tomorrow).

Sunday, I was able to see my sister, who currently lives in LA. I joined my mom and 2 of my sisters for brunch at Sugar and Plumm.

sugar and plum 2


My mom’s birthday was last week so we decided to celebrate it with a yummy brunch. I ordered my usual chicken apple sausage and grits. I also took a picture of a cake batter milkshake my sister enjoyed. After breakfast we headed over to the Bloomingdales outlet on 72nd street. They had some gorgeous vests and adorable cosmetic cases. We stopped by Lush where I bought this bubble bar that is shaped like a milk bottle. 🙂

milk bottle

The rest of my Sunday was nice and relaxing.


I think I may call this outfit ‘the smurf’. haha

Mini Beauty World

Happy First Wednesday of the Year!

I am planning on going to Disney World with my bestie very soon! I have work and some other busy things to do before I go so I decided to go shopping this week for some main essentials for the trip. Part of my ‘New Year’s Resolution’ list is to be more organized. I figure if I start packing a bunch of days before the trip, then I won’t stress about packing the night before. I stress about packing even if it is for a one night trip in some small town in Connecticut.

I already own 3 bottles that hold 6 ounces of fluid so I was in search for something smaller. I prefer pouring shampoo and conditioner in tiny reusable bottles rather than buying miniature shampoo and conditioner bottles. I think the reusable bottles are way easier since they are bigger and it makes it cheaper for me. I once bought the miniature shampoo bottles for a 5 day trip and I ended up going through 2 bottles. I am only bringing a carry on for my trip so I had to buy a lot of miniature versions for my everyday beauty essentials.

My shopping list:

  • Three bottles that hold 3 ounces of liquid
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Steripod for my toothbrush

I found these adorable polka dot bottles from Conair. I am obsessed with polka dots so this felt like a huge win.



I put my astringent in the spray bottle.mini bottles

I put some emergency medicine in the mini green dot case.

I use the scrub at night to help get all the dirt out of my pores after a long day at the parks. I use the foam wash in the morning.

whole set

toothpaste, mouth wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, medicine, cotton balls, floss

I use whatever soap the hotel offers. Luckily, I didn’t have to find a bottle to put my face lotion in since it already comes in a small case.

Have an awesome Wednesday! 🙂