Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!

Hi, I woke up nice and early this morning to make myself a waffle. 😉


Usually I would like my Wednesday posts to be about fashion or beauty, but I just wasn’t feeling that this morning.One thing I can say about beauty is that chapstick and I are a necessary combo at the moment.

Sooooo….today’s post is about health. This past week I tried to be as healthy as possible when eating out.

  1. I ate at a japanese restaurant for my father’s birthday. Normally, I would eat fried rice, chicken and shrimp, vegetables, soup, and salad. Did you just read that and think, ‘wow!?’ I have no idea what is in the fried rice but it is magical. This time I decided to attempt to be healthier. I ordered an avocado roll, chicken lettuce wraps, and asian vegetables. I negated my whole entire point when my sister ordered fried ice cream and I ate a few spoonfuls.
  2. I went to the movies with my mom and sister, Eva. I love movie theater popcorn, but I also recognize that it isn’t the healthiest. I made popcorn with my popcorn maker machine. I put 1/4 cup of unpopped kernels with a tablespoon of oil in the machine. I sprinkled some salt. It tasted very yummy! When we got to the movie theater my mom asked if I wanted anything, I told her I would like a vanilla ice cream bar.:/
  3. I ordered a salad for take out, then asked if they had any good vegetable options. The man on the phone said they had asparagus with goat cheese on it. Well guess what else I ordered?

I am trying my best! I signed up for a kettlebell class for this morning. I have never been. Lets hope I can raise my hand to high-five level afterwards.

Happy Wednesday!


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