‘Why Not?’

‘Why the hell not?’

That has been the statement popping up in my head for the last 7 days. I’ve always found ways to limit myself.

‘That type of career field is to hard to get into.’
‘There are plenty of other people better than me that they can hire.’
‘No one would want to look at my photos or writing.’
‘I’ll never be as entertaining or pretty as other girls.’
‘I am doomed to have an average life.’
‘I’ll never find the motivation to get a six pack.’
‘I am too lazy.’

In other words, I have set myself up for a failure due to my own attitude.Yes, I know I am being a bit overdramatic. I have graduated college, traveled out of the country multiple times, and always had a best friend to talk to. However, my attitude has held me back from truly living to the fullest.

All of a sudden about a week ago I realized something. Every person who has created their dream life was once a baby. As a baby they all had a fresh start. Some people had easier circumstances growing up than others ,but they all had a moment where they, like me, were once a baby. Many of these babies were able to grow into happy adults doing activities they truly enjoyed everyday.

I am talking about the people who wake up 90% of the time happy. I am talking about the people who are able to fulfill their dreams. I am talking about the people that find ways to laugh. I am talking about the people who recognize how hard or crazy life can be but still strive for an optimistic view. I am talking about the people who work their butts off and smile broadly as someone asks them what an ordinary day of their life is like.

So why can’t I have my dream life? What makes all those other people better than me? I was put on this earth just like all of them. Why can’t I do that really cool job that I see others doing? Why can’t I learn certain cool skills?

Well ‘why the hell not?’

Time to end this post with something a little less serious. A picture of my food. The posts for the rest of the week will not be as serious as this one šŸ˜‰

Have a Lovely Day!


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