happy holidays

I hope everyone has a fantastic and fabulous day whether you are celebrating Christmas or just the fact that today is another day to have fun. 🙂

I thought I would do a mini Friday Lessons post so here are 5 things I learned this week.

  1. You can’t fix people’s problems. You can help them, but at the end of the day it is up to them to truly fix it.
  2. If you can’t sleep then conquer tasks you need to get done until you are tired and ready to go back to sleep.(this lesson only works if you don’t have work that day)
  3. Candy canes are amazing!
  4. Knowing that you will see your best friend in less than 10 days will ignite the same feeling as unwrapping a xmas present.
  5. Having guacamole for breakfast is totally understandable. It is lunch time somewhere in the world.



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