Labor Day!

sunset 1

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is like a second New Year’s Day for me. Labor Day makes me feel like a new year is on the horizon. I get excited for all the new stuff to try such as fitness classes and taking up new hobbies, whether it is dancing or crafting. Labor Day is also full of barbecues, which is probably on my ‘top 5 favorite smells list.’  This post is not very long because I all have to say is Happy Labor Day and yay! for all those who do not have to work today and get to relax.

I also wanted to remind everyone to please notice how great your life is before you wish for better things. Your life does not need to be perfect for you to like it. Waiting for perfection will never make you happy. I am not immune to the feeling of seeing people on Instagram or Facebook and wishing my life was like theirs. I have been irritated before when I haven’t had plans on say a Friday night or mad that I didn’t have a massive house on some gorgeous beach. But really what is the point of feeling this way? I am so lucky to have friends and family. Just because I do not have plans on a Friday night does not mean I will never have plans on the weekend ever again. I cam to this realization last Thursday.

Thursday, I hung out with one of my besties in TriBeca. I had a lot of fun with her and, then I went to soul cycle before I walked home. I was walking along the Hudson River on the west side. People were exercising, enjoying happy hour, and chatting with friends. I was walking through some gorgeous, tiny parks and I honestly felt like I was living in the moment, which is weird because I only ever feel like that when I am dancing  or laughing with friends. Who would ever think walking on a path would remind you how great life can be? The sun was setting against the Hudson River giving off a gorgeous view and I was passing colorful flowers on bushes. I could feel the end of the week excitement floating in the air. All of a sudden I realized how lucky I was to be walking in a beautiful area with a stunning view toward a home that was stocked with food and a cozy bed to sleep in. I even enjoyed watching people having fun instead of being jealous of them or wishing I was them.

The earth can be such a beautiful place, where people can do such kind and amazing things. Yes, my life is not perfect but it has so many little perfect things in it. Embracing the little perfect things can make life so much more fun. My word to anyone reading this post is please notice the things that make you lucky this Labor Day weekend. Every single person has something in their life that can make them smile. Something as simple as a sunset made me smile. We all are struggling with so many hardships so this Labor Day just take a second to notice the good stuff in your life , whether it is a warm hug from a family member, a yummy meal, a smile from a stranger, or your favorite song playing on the radio. 🙂

sunset 2


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