Yoga for me? Nah


I am writing this post after my failed attempt at beginner yoga. :/

First, let me tell you about my Sunday brunch.

On Sunday I met with my friend, Harper, on the Upper West Side. I picked the location Sugar and Plumm for our Sunday brunch. The restaurant kind of reminds me of my childhood dream bedroom. The door handles are lollipop shaped, the atmosphere smells like dessert, and large pieces of chocolate are for sale in a corner. My friend wasn’t even surprised that I picked it for our brunch location.

sugar and plumm3

sugar and plum 2

My favorite breakfast to eat from Sugar and Plumm is grits.


I ordered a cup of hot tea with grits. It tasted amazing!

I had a wonderful time chatting with my friend. She told me all about her new apartment and what the moving in experience was like (FYI, I hate moving in and out of places). We also talked about her first day of school, which was the next day. She starts graduate school this week and I think she is going to be a fantastic student. She loves what she is studying and could probably talk about it for hours.

We finished our meals with some yummy dessert, then headed over to a farmers’ market. The farmers’ market was on the same sidewalk as the American Museum of Natural History. I wanted to buy strawberry jam from one of the stands. I haven’t tried the jam yet, so I can’t say whether it is good. Across from the farmer’s market was a flea market. I thought my friend would want to check out the market since she just moved into a new place.

After the flea market, we took a walk into my favorite place, Central Park. After I left her I rode the subway to the tea shop, Palais des Thes. I like the taste of their oolong with flowers and exotic fruits because I do not have to put any sugar or milk in it.

my subway entertainment

my subway entertainment

When I got home I took a long nap after being busy all weekend.

I barely took photos but I guess that sometimes happen when you get too busy chatting away with your friend.

Now I must talk about my terrible relationship with yoga. My physical therapist says I really need to work on my flexibility so he recommended yoga. I tried a yoga class in college as well as in my hometown and I hated both of them. The class in my hometown focused heavily on the breathing part to the point where we sat and breathed for a very long time. I also had a yoga dvd for kids when I was younger and that was a little bit enjoyable, but that’s probably because I was more flexible than. Yesterday,I bought a beginner yoga dvd and I can barely do the moves that the instructor is doing. I need a beginner’s dvd for the one I just bought. Hopefully, I will one day praise the greatness of yoga but for now we are in a complicated relationship.

Happy Tuesday! šŸ™‚


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