SOHO Night

Happy Friday

I spent yesterday at a friend’s birthday dinner in SOHO. I thought I would share some pictures from the night. As a reminder, I am not showing friends on the blog just yet, so pictures will be mostly of objects and food.

I hopped on the subway and read Paper Towns while I waited for my stop. When I got off the subway, I took my flip flops off and put on my wedges because I only had to walk a block to the restaurant.

We ate at Isola Trattoria & Crudo Bar. The location of the restaurant is gorgeous. While walking into the restaurant I had to walk through a beautiful walkway.



We sat at a high top, wooden table. I knew a few of the people at the table, but some people I had never met before. My friend introduced me to her friends and at first I was quite nervous. I can get easily anxious being in a location where I do not know a lot of people. However, I reminded myself that sometimes living and having fun means that I have to experience uncomfortable situations. #YOLO. 😉

pineapple pickle 2

pineapple pickle

The waiter came by with a cook(I am not entirely sure who the man was but I am thinking a cook. I didn’t hear what he said) who gave each of us a small plate that had the yellow cubes on them. it tasted like pickles and pineapples mixed together.

margareta flat bread

I ordered a margarita flatbread.

bday banana split

banana split

My friend was given a banana split and we sang her happy birthday.

leaving res

Dress: Free People

We headed out of the restaurant.

goofy face

I spent the rest of the night writing on the blog and listening to some awesome music. 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend that involves all the things you enjoy!

Next Week’s Blog Topics

  1. Running and falling
  2. Shopping and the struggle of trying on clothes
  3. Friday Lessons

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