August Goals

august goals1

Happy First Week of August!

I have come up with 10 goals for August that hopefully I will have accomplished at the end of the month. I used picmonkey to create my goal list. I am still playing around with picmonkey so I am sorry if some of the posts look terrible.

Reason for each goal

1. I have applied to 10 jobs so far. Yay!

2. I took an HTML class in college and loved it, however it was only a beginner course. HTML classes can be very expensive but I was fortunate to find one in my area.

3. My brother and I get along great but I feel like out of all my siblings I talk to him the least so I am changing that this month.

4. I can’t wait for my bedroom to be finished.

5. I am looking into taking a bodypump or kickboxing class.

6.I always feel like my life is put together when I have my toes and fingernails painted.

7. Explains itself.

8. I want to spend as much time outside and at the beach this month.

9. I keep reminding myself that I am due to donate blood. I am also interested in possibly donating plasma.

10. I went to the physical therapist and he said I really needed to loosen up my muscles and stretch.

Time for me to head to the nail salon for a pedicure with my sister. πŸ™‚


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