My BFF Monday

Happy Monday

I thought I would start this post off with a quick recap of my weekend. I had a fabulous three days that defined exactly how a weekend should go in the summer. 🙂 The weekend was combined with BBQ’s, spending time with friends, and being lazy. I took some pictures throughout the three days that you can see below. One of the pictures is a terrible cropped version of me because I am not ready to post photos of family and friends yet. I actually just told one friend about my blog. I was nervous but it is something I enjoy so I might as well share it. As I feel more comfortable with the blog I will spread the word with family and friends. I am still getting a feel for the blog so I am not sure what topics will stay or never again be seen on the blog.

Enjoy your Monday! Please remember we can choose to not hate Mondays! BTW, the season finale of The Bachelorette is on tonight so no one should be complaining about today being a Monday. 😉


My breakfast. Yes, my mom made it

My breakfast. Yes, my mom made it.

My college best friend, Harper is moving to the city (I am so excited!!!) so she went apartment hunting this past weekend and I was fortunate enough to see her. We met up at the Natural History Museum, then walked a few blocks to grab a bite to eat, and finished our night off eating dessert at Magnolia Bakery.



We took a selfie, which is why I look way too close to the camera.

We took a selfie, which is why I look way too close to the camera.


I dropped my friend at her hotel, then grabbed a ride home with another friend.


My childhood best friend, Melissa and I went to the beach. We sat for about two and a half hours talking about anything you could think of.

DSCF0704On my way home, I stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up some groceries.

raw almond butter

While I was shopping my sister texted me to invite me to her friend’s BBQ. I was pretty nervous to go and even thought about not going. My sister is four years older than me. We never had the same friends when we were kids but now that we are both older it is easier for us to hang out. The thing is I get terribly anxious in social situations. If I know everyone in the social setting, then I am usually fine. My sister’s friend’s BBQ had only three people who I knew. One person was my sister and the others were two of her friends.  Pretty nerve-wracking! But for some strange reason I felt like I would regret not going to the BBQ. My mom even encouraged me to go. And the thing is I am trying to be fearless and a bit more brave so I went. 🙂 I had a lovely time and it sort of felt like my childhood dream was coming true because as a kid I always wanted hangout with her friends. Luckily, my sister didn’t leave my side and everyone was friendly.


Sunday was spent the best way Sundays should be spent. Sunday was a lazy day. I made an omelette for the first time!

sunday breakfastThe omelette was left on the pan a little to long so it was bit crispy, which was a bit of bummer. At least this came out as an omelette! Every time I have tried to make an omelette it has turned into scrambled eggs. I also enjoyed a chicken sausage on the side. I picked up sushi for my sister who had a bit of a hangover as well as Starbucks for me. I ran into an old classmate’s mom who asked the dreaded question what I was doing with my life. Please tell me that I am not the only person who hates this question! She meant to be kind but gosh, I would still be nervous answering this question if I was a famous movie star. I watched a movie when I got home and, then took my dogs for a walk in the park, where this little guy walked out of the woods.

beeverI was quite surprised to see a beaver in my hometown considering it is an urban area. Isn’t he or she so cute? I ended my night making this awesome pizza before meeting my mom for a little dinner chat with my 2

Oh wait! I actually finished my night face timing my other sister and her new baby girl!

Other amazing Monday news!

My Lily Pulitzer agenda starts this week! 🙂


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