Dream Job List

I have mentioned before that I am not sure which type of career I want to work in. I used to know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was that kid whom when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up had an answer. The answer was always a good job that had benefits and a good salary. Adults would always say, ‘that’s great.’ I would smile at the adults like I was the smartest little kid. In high school, I made myself a timeline. I knew when I would graduate college, where I would live, when I would attend graduate school, and even when my imaginary husband and I should get married. All of my goals became a bit disordered when I attended college. I noticed people were studying all of these cool majors and I started to become a bit jealous. I met a lot of kids that didn’t even have goals the way I did. I became stressed out at school and I thought that maybe what I was studying wasn’t for me. I started to wonder if I didn’t try something different in school would I regret it in the future. I am a overthinker. I over think just about anything a person can think about. I ended up changing my major FOUR times in college. All of sudden my future started to look lit bit foggy. I couldn’t really see what direction I was going into.

Picking a career is so scary for me because it is such a big part of a person’s life. This topic will pop up a lot on my blog because it is part of the reason I wrote this blog. I think a of people can relate to this post even if they know what career they want to be in. We all spend moments in our life thinking ‘what if?”.

I thought I would end this post with a list of my five dream jobs. I would say yes in a heartbeat if someone asked me if I wanted to do any of these jobs. I am aware I will never do any of them because I am either too short, not a dancer, and can’t draw.

1. Victoria Secret Angel. I do not even need to be an angel, I could just walk the fashion show. I get so excited when the fashion show comes on every year. I would love to walk with the big wings while my hair blows behind me. I could walk pass whatever singer is performing that year. I could see myself getting all beautified while  wearing a pink VS robe. Maybe in another lifetime? For now, I will have to practice my walk in the living room.

2. Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. She must have the coolest job ever! I love travel so the idea of getting paid to travel sounds like a dream come true. I do not even have to be on the show. I could just work on the show because then I would at least still get to go to all the exotic locations.

3. Back up dancer at a concert. I walk on my toes so my dancing resembles a praying mantis type walk, however I still break out in dances no matter where I am. I love concerts and the atmosphere so getting to experience that in a job would be fantastic.

4. The designer of the Victoria Secret outfits for the fashion show. Again! A job with Victoria Secret. I wish I had the creative ability to design outfits for the show. I am always excited to see what design and theme the company decides each year.

5. A singer. I wouldn’t like being famous but I can’t imagine how it could not be fun singing and dancing on stage.

Below is a picture of lettuce wrap tacos that I made. I mixed ground turkey and black beans with taco seasoning. I put whatever cheese that was in the fridge on top with some guacamole. It tasted just okay. My sister showed me a crockpot chicken recipe that I could use in tacos that I think would taste much better.

;( lettuce tacos


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