I Gotta Have It

Happy Monday

I do not have anything too exciting to look forward to this week but we always have at least something, right? I am working this week. I do not feel that comfortable or assure of myself at work. I still get a bit nervous and stressed but I am sure I will get more comfortable as time goes by. 🙂 To be honest, I sort of feel like an idiot at work, but I think most people feel like that when they first start a job. Typing my feelings on this blog just feels so therapeutic and I feel more relaxed as I type some of these sentences.

Things I am looking forward to this week

  • Buying something with my new paycheck
  • Possibly getting my hair cut this week
  • Maybe going to a barre class with my friend
  • Applying to some internships
  • Going to another soccer game even though I looked very dumb at my last game (will explain in my post tomorrow)
  • Spending time with my mom because I realize everyday how lucky I am to have her in my life
  • I might spend a day at the beach this week
  • I get to see my brother, his wife, and kids again which is great

Things I wish I could do but can’t

Buy clothes and accessories at the Nordstrom sale. I wish I had a Nordstrom card!!! 😦 I didn’t even know they had a special sale for card members or even a huge sale until this year. I was always too poor to worry about sales at Nordstrom. Yes, I am still on the low scale when it comes to money but now I can at least afford Kate Spade earrings. I am just going to have to hope they will still be on sale on July 16th. :/

Alright I have to get back to texting my friends because one of them is complaining about the blond emoji people. Apparently, she finds the blond ones ugly. Honestly, my favorite emoji is the dancing girl(at least I think she is dancing) and the angry mask looking one.

I will end this post with a picture of the hot chocolate I like to drink. My sister’s friend from the UK sends her english chocolates and marshmallows, then my sister gives the marshmallows to me because they are my favorite marshmallows. The marshmallows remind me of the ones I had in Ireland. So yummy!




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