Jump for joy because it’s monday

Happy Monday!

I am in training right now for my new job so I am working full-time right now. I have to be honest and say this past week was a total wake up call for me. I haven’t worked for the past month so it has been weird adjusting into a new routine. Fortunately, eveyone is super nice at my new job so it has been an easy adjustment. Once my training is over I will then switch to a part-time schedule, which means my days off will be spent at the beach and doing other fun summer activities.

I thought I would start this post with a list of all the things I am looking forward to this week.

  • At the end of this week I will be one step closer to the end of training.
  • I get to see my brother and his whole family (including my nieces) on Sunday for a bbq.
  • As of right now it looks like I will be spending July 4th at my friend’s beach house.
  • I get to sleep in everyday this week. 🙂
  • I will pick out new paint for my room.
  • I have planned out all my blog posts for the week.

I believe that even the little things in life can make people happy. I plan to enjoy looking forward to the big things and small things that come my way. I want to remind myself that I am going to do embarrassing and weird things in life and the only thing I can do is laugh.  😉 Just some wisdom brought to you by Ashley.

I will end this post with a picture of a terrible waffle that I made on Father’s Day morning. I was craving a waffle but my family was having a bbq later on in the day so I knew eating a regular ole waffle wasn’t that healthy of a breakfast. I looked to my best friend Pinterest for some healthy waffle recipes and found a simple waffle recipe that had oats as the main ingredient. I put all of the ingredients together, then realized that the recipe called for a blender. Face palm! I cannot find my blender, it some how got lost in one of my many moves in college.  I tried to crush the oats as best I could but I also was a bit lazy. :/ I realize now that I should have probably just came to the conclusion that having a yummy waffle was just not going to happen. I ended up with a waffle that kept falling apart with chunks of oats slipping out as I picked up the waffle.

:) Yes, I have a heart shaped waffle machine

🙂 Yes, I have a heart shaped waffle machine


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