Feeling Like a Champ

Losing Weight Update!

I have been running a lot but I definitely need to push myself more. Last week involved a lot of eating out, which definitely didn’t help. I try to steer clear of eating out more than 2 days a week because I tend to leave feeling like I am going to burst. I find it so hard to not eat everything off my plate. If I cook at home, then I can at least portion each of my meals. I think that I need to set some health goals for the month of June so that I can get back on track.

Health Goals For The Month of June

  • Try not to eat past 8pm. I wake up between 8:30-10 so I feel like this goal shouldn’t be too hard for me.
  • Only have unsweetened green tea after 8pm.
  • Look up a different exercise video to try everyday. I think this goal will help me improve my arms and abs while also making my workouts more fun. I plan to run 5 days a week and then do one ab or arm workout video.
  •  Walk at least one mile everyday.

Health Story

I went to the doctor last week for an annual physical. My weight was recorded as a healthy BMI for my height. Yay! My favorite part of the physical was when I got my pulse checked(I know I am a bit weird). The nurse asked me if I was athletic and I told her that I workout. She told me that my pulse rate was considered an athletic pulse. How exciting! 🙂 I am not even close to being a fast runner or even someone that looks like a runner. I do not have a typical runner’s body where you can just stare at my legs and say, “that girl is a runner!” Up until this year, it really bothered me when people would be surprised when I said that I run. My sister is an amazing runner and you can just tell from staring at her legs that she works out. I used to be so jealous of her but the thing is there is no point in being like that.

I will never be her or an other famous person whose athletic body I use to admire. The only person I can be is myself and this life is all my own so I get to choose how I can make it the best for me. The reason why I am so happy about my pulse rate is that it reminds me that my workouts are helping me in ways I may not be able to see everyday. I may not be shedding weight quickly but I am keeping my heart and lungs healthy. Yay for me! 🙂


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