Healthy Tuesday

If I could choose one part of fat on my body that irritates me the most I would say the fat that is on my lower back. I used to wear my pants in a low rise fashion because that was cool in middle and high school, then one day I had fat protruding over my waist band. What the heck?! Β The answer is I was growing up. I was getting curves and I was also realizing what I eat can make a statement on the exterior of my body. I haven’t figured out an exercise regimen that can get rid of the fat, but I have gotten used having the fat. I am not going to allow the fat to affect my mood. I was blessed with a body that allows me to do the things I enjoy in life. I am not going to punish my body for displaying fat in areas that I would rather have put in other spots. I do have days where I look at other women and think I would love to look like them but that is impossible. I will never be them so why try?

My favorite Dr. Seuss quote is “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Story Time!

When I was fifteen, I got my first concert tickets and I was so excited to go. The tickets were floor seats and my friends were coming and I was really pumped about it. The day of the concert I wore sweatpants. I cringe just thinking about it.Β I wore sweatpants!!!!! My body was changing a lot at that time and I was no longer fitting into child size clothing. I was a small child growing up so I was always a bit behind in the normal clothing size for whatever age I was. For instance, when all my friends were shopping at the adult Abercrombie&Fitch, I was still shopping at Abercrombie kids. However, I woke up one day in high school and could no longer fit in my jeans. I hated my new curves and just felt fat. I wasn’t fitting in the ‘skinny’ sizes when I went shopping. I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin so I wore sweatpants to the concert. I look back now and realize that I was a slim, healthy fifteen year old kid. It is such a bummer that I didn’t go to the concert in a pretty outfit that I loved. A few weeks ago, I went to the Taylor Swift concert and I can promise you I danced in one of my favorite outfits. I may want to lose weight but I sure as heck am not going to let that put a damper on my fashion choices.

I am still struggling with eating out especially when it comes to brunch. I am always starving when I go to brunch so it becomes even harder for me to eat healthy. If a waiter/waitress puts a bread basket on the table I can’t seem to stop myself from putting my hand in to grab a piece. This past weekend I was thinking about restaurants that I love in my hometown and I asked my parents if they wanted to go to one. We decided on an Italian restaurant and I quickly started worrying about that bread basket that would be at our table. Sometimes I eat so much bread that I will lose my appetite. When I started worrying about the bread basket, I came to the realization that I did not choose to go to that restaurant because of their bread. I came to the restaurant to eat a yummy dinner. My hometown is known for selling delicious bread anywhere so I could pick up good bread at anytime. By not eating that bread I am not really missing out on anything. Β Now as far as brunch goes, I still can’t stop myself from grabbing the bread so here is a picture of brunch meal I ordered from the Cheesecake Factory.

Yum :)

Yum πŸ™‚

I am sorry that this post was so long! The words just kept on flowing as I typed.

Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow will be fashion Fashion Wednesday. πŸ™‚


Jump for joy because it’s monday

Happy Monday!

I am in training right now for my new job so I am working full-time right now. I have to be honest and say this past week was a total wake up call for me. I haven’t worked for the past month so it has been weird adjusting into a new routine. Fortunately, eveyone is super nice at my new job so it has been an easy adjustment. Once my training is over I will then switch to a part-time schedule, which means my days off will be spent at the beach and doing other fun summer activities.

I thought I would start this post with a list of all the things I am looking forward to this week.

  • At the end of this week I will be one step closer to the end of training.
  • I get to see my brother and his whole family (including my nieces) on Sunday for a bbq.
  • As of right now it looks like I will be spending July 4th at my friend’s beach house.
  • I get to sleep in everyday this week. πŸ™‚
  • I will pick out new paint for my room.
  • I have planned out all my blog posts for the week.

I believe that even the little things in life can make people happy. I plan to enjoy looking forward to the big things and small things that come my way. I want to remind myself that I am going to do embarrassing and weird things in life and the only thing I can do is laugh. Β πŸ˜‰ Just some wisdom brought to you by Ashley.

I will end this post with a picture of a terrible waffle that I made on Father’s Day morning. I was craving a waffle but my family was having a bbq later on in the day so I knew eating a regular ole waffle wasn’t that healthy of a breakfast. I looked to my best friend Pinterest for some healthy waffle recipes and found a simple waffle recipe that had oats as the main ingredient. I put all of the ingredients together, then realized that the recipe called for a blender. Face palm! I cannot find my blender, it some how got lost in one of my many moves in college. Β I tried to crush the oats as best I could but I also was a bit lazy. :/ I realize now that I should have probably just came to the conclusion that having a yummy waffle was just not going to happen. I ended up with a waffle that kept falling apart with chunks of oats slipping out as I picked up the waffle.

:) Yes, I have a heart shaped waffle machine

πŸ™‚ Yes, I have a heart shaped waffle machine

Feeling Like a Champ

Losing Weight Update!

I have been running a lot but I definitely need to push myself more. Last week involved a lot of eating out, which definitely didn’t help. I try to steer clear of eating out more than 2 days a week because I tend to leave feeling like I am going to burst. I find it so hard to not eat everything off my plate. If I cook at home, then I can at least portion each of my meals. I think that I need to set some health goals for the month of June so that I can get back on track.

Health Goals For The Month of June

  • Try not to eat past 8pm. I wake up between 8:30-10 so I feel like this goal shouldn’t be too hard for me.
  • Only have unsweetened green tea after 8pm.
  • Look up a different exercise video to try everyday. I think this goal will help me improve my arms and abs while also making my workouts more fun. I plan to run 5 days a week and then do one ab or arm workout video.
  • Β Walk at least one mile everyday.

Health Story

I went to the doctor last week for an annual physical. My weight was recorded as a healthy BMI for my height. Yay! My favorite part of the physical was when I got my pulse checked(I know I am a bit weird). The nurse asked me if I was athletic and I told her that I workout. She told me that my pulse rate was considered an athletic pulse. How exciting! πŸ™‚ I am not even close to being a fast runner or even someone that looks like a runner. I do not have a typical runner’s body where you can just stare at my legs and say, “that girl is a runner!” Up until this year, it really bothered me when people would be surprised when I said that I run. My sister is an amazing runner and you can just tell from staring at her legs that she works out. I used to be so jealous of her but the thing is there is no point in being like that.

I will never be her or an other famous person whose athletic body I use to admire. The only person I can be is myself and this life is all my own so I get to choose how I can make it the best for me. The reason why I am so happy about my pulse rate is that it reminds me that my workouts are helping me in ways I may not be able to see everyday. I may not be shedding weight quickly but I am keeping my heart and lungs healthy. Yay for me! πŸ™‚

Catching Up

I realize I haven’t typed in awhile. I was focused on family gatherings and other things so I didn’t feel that I would post anything good. One rule I made when starting the blog was that I would only blog as a hobby not as something that made me feel like I was being forced to do.

I decided to list some things that I enjoyed this past week.

The Friday after Memorial weekend I went to soul cycle with my friend. I could write a love letter to sou lcycle, I love soul cycle that much. After soul cycle I went to a rooftop party with my friend. My friend was invited to a rooftop party/happy hour so I tagged along. Man! I am so happy that I did tag along. I met some of my friend’s friends and they were just the sweetest. Butttt… the best part about the rooftop party was the view. πŸ™‚


Pretending to be an adult :)

Pretending to be an adult πŸ™‚

The party was one block away from Central Park so I was able to get a view of the whole park. My favorite parts of NYC are the Upper West Side and Central Park so I was basically falling in love with the city even more as I stood on the roof top. I felt like such a grown up as I sipped on drinks and talked all about work. My friend’s friends have some pretty cool jobs so I enjoyed listening to their stories. The only thing the rooftop was missing was music because one of my favorite hobbies is dancing like a fool. πŸ˜‰

The rest of my weekend was spent with my family. My sister and brother flew in for the weekend, which was great! I was able to sit and have dinner with them at home, which I never really do anymore because they no longer live near me. I always find spending time with family to be a blast.

The rest of my week was spent at the doctor to get a shot, which by the way made the muscle in my arm feel like it was punched by a 300 pound, muscular man. I was then able to meet my friend for dinner at Sarabeths. My friend is from China and she came to NY to visit for a few days. I was so glad to see her. She even gave me these cool chopsticks from her trip to Tawian. We finished off our fun night at Magnolia Bakery. I love Magnolia, which is a bit strange because I normally hate cupcakes but I love theirs.

yum :)

yum πŸ™‚

I wanted to finish off this post to show off the awesome pineapples I made. I cooked them with cinnamon on top of a griddle. Aren’t I just the best chef?! Ha! I wish!