Why I Choose to Exercise


  • Ran 2 miles
  • 10 minute interval run: 1 min @ 2.0, 1 min @ 8.0
  • 35 min bike ride at level 10
  • 10 min arm exercise I found on Pinterest

I am hoping to make my running interval workouts longer. I would like to do it for 20 minutes but when I get on the treadmill I get so bored. When I am running miles I feel like it is easier because I just focus on my thoughts but when I run in intervals I just keep checking the time. When I am working out it is easy for me to stay in my comfort zone. If I start to feel like I am stepping out of that comfort zone, then I start to really hate the workout. For instance, if I make myself run at a higher speed, then I immediately want to lower the speed because I can feel my body working harder. I like for my workouts to be relaxing but when a workout truly feels like a workout, then I end up wishing for the time to fly. I definitely push myself more in workout classes because I want to keep up with everyone else around me, but I need to be willing to push myself in my own private workouts. My goal for running today was that I had to run 2 miles at a speed that was higher than I was use to running.

My Goals With Exercise

One of the major reasons I exercise is for my future health. I recognize that exercise can help me stay flexible and healthy in my older years. I am happy that I workout now so that when I am older working out won’t be as hard for me. I want to be that senior citizen that my neighbors see biking and running around town. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances in life that I may face that could prevent me from running forever or dancing till I am 100. I just focus on what I can control. I do what I can right now to make my future life better. One thing I hate admitting about myself is that I can’t touch my toes. I think the last time I could touch my toes was when I was a newborn. I am trying to stretch everyday so that soon I will be able to touch my toes. I personally feel that flexibility is just as important as cardio. I am only 22, but I wake up everyday feeling very stiff and I do not like it. I believe that if I keep stretching everyday, then I will be able to touch my toes. My dream is to one day be able to do a split. My mom laughs and can’t really understand how I can’t touch my toes. One of the reasons I never joined pilates is because I feel like my inability to touch my toes would make me look like a fool.

Working Out for Appearance

When I first started working out I was 14, and wanted to look skinny. My goal was to look like the people I saw on television. I figured I would just stop working out when I looked skinny. At 22, I no longer look at working out the same way I did at 14. I definitely workout to look good but I also now workout for the reasons I stated in the previous paragraph. I recognize now that exercise is something that will be a part of the rest of my life. I would like to lose 15 pounds, which is something exercise helps me with. I am currenlty at a BMI that is healthy and if I stayed at the weight I am now for the rest of my life I wouldn’t complain. However, I recognize that my metabolism will get slower as I age and I need to prepare for when that happens. I think my best me would be 15 pounds less than what I am now. I want to be a bit more toned and to feel like I have strong muscles. The hardest part about losing weight is changing my diet. I currently eat very healthy, however my portion sizes are too big.

The whole point of this long post is that my journey of losing 15 pounds will come up on my blog. I want to use the blog to help me stay accountable in losing weight. I am going to create a page that focuses specifically on the progress I will be making on this journey. My choice to lose weight is my own and I do not preach or state that other people need to lose weight. I love myself at the weight I am now and I am sure I will love it just the same when it is 15 pounds smaller.


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