Slow Tuesday

I planned for today to be super productive in the morning. I thought I would accomplish all my tasks before 12pm. Now that I look back I sort of have to laugh at the idea that I would have everything done by 12. First, I planned to wake up at 8:45, instead woke up at 9:30. Second, I planned to eat breakfast, then immediately workout and walk my mom’s dogs. Third, I thought I would apply for 10 jobs.

I failed at finishing any of these tasks before 12pm and that really bugs me. When it comes to work and school I always have things done on time but when it comes to my everyday life, I just don’t. Why is that? However, I do blame half of my laziness on the sweet potato I made this morning. I woke up craving a sweet potato and scrambled eggs with american cheese in them. I know I am weird.



The sweet potato took me 30 minutes to make but that is still no excuse for my laziness. I could have walked the dogs while waiting for the food to cook or sent out a few emails.

Fortunately, I finished most of my tasks by 8pm. Score! I ran 3 miles, applied to 5 jobs, and walked the dogs. I think when it comes to accomplishing tasks I need to do them immediatly when I wake up or I keep putting them off. For instance, watching an episode of Game of Thrones this morning was far more entertaining than applying for jobs. As soon as I pressed play on the television I no longer felt the need to get anything else done right away. I think next week I should set a new goal that involves no more procastinating. If I didn’t procastinate so much, then I would probably be less stressed and would have a lot more time to relax at night. 🙂 Anyhoo! Tomorrow I will be going to my internship so I won’t have to worry about being too lazy. My internship allows me to be on a certain schedule so procastination isn’t really an option. Yay!

Update on goals:

  • I have ran 13 miles so far, which means I surpassed my goal. Woohoo!
  • I applied to 5 jobs. I only have 5 more to go! 🙂

Funny little story

I was taking a shower earlier and my phone rang. I usually listen to Pandora while I am showering so my phone is always right next to the tub. When I saw who was calling I thought it was my mom because it had the same caller id as her job. I answered the phone on speaker and yelled, “Hi,mom!” because the shower head was still running. No one answered back to me and i could barely hear as it is. After I hung up my phone rang one more time but I figured I would just call her back in 2 minutes. When I got out of the shower, I noticed a notification on my phone that mentioned I had a voicemail. And that is when I made this face :O. I remembered that I applied for a job where my mom works about a month ago. I still can’t believe that happened. :/


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