Mother’s Day and Croissants

mother's day

I spent Mother’s Day morning watching Friends episodes and drinking hot tea in bed. I fell asleep at 1:30am last night, then I woke up at 4:30am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. 😦 I rarely have problems falling asleep. My sophomore roommate in college used to say that I would fall asleep at night so quickly after I would be having a conversation with her that she would be a bit amazed. As much as I hate having trouble with my sleep, I did appreciate being up so early. I love being awake when the sunrises. I feel like I am the only person in the world that is awake at that very moment. I know that I sound like an absolute cheese ball. Anyhoo! I stayed in bed until 9 :), then went for a four mile run on my treadmill. I finished my workout with an arm exercise that I found on Pinterest. I want to incorporate more arm exercises into my workouts. I want to look and feel strong for the rest of my life. It was pretty nice to have my workout done by 10:30am. Once, I was done with my workout I popped almond croissants in the oven. I bought Trader Joe’s almond croissants and placed them on a pan the night before.



While I slept it took the croissants about 6 hours to rise. I decided to make the croissants for my mom so she would have something special to eat. The best part about cooking the croissants was that I couldn’t mess up the breakfast.



Two of my sisters and I also bought my mom a bouquet. My oldest sister bought her a pretty plant that was inside a water can (I had to google water can to make sure that was the right word to use :/ ).

flower pot 1 post 4flower 2 post 4

Update on my goals:

  • I cleaned a little bit more of my room. Yay!
  • I have ran 7 miles in total so far, which means I am already over halfway to my goal (cue the dance emoji girl). Unfortunately, I have experienced my first blood blister from running today. The blood blister is on the side of my foot and it is not very fun to look at. I have been running since I was 14 and this is the first time I have gotten a blister. I guess I should throw my shoes away? Looks like I will be using google search engine tonight.
  • I failed at posting by 12 pm but at least I still did a post for the day even if it was a bit late.

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