I Failed

I failed! I failed at posting everyday this week. 😦 I had my post for last Monday sitting in my head just waiting to be typed up and then I got tired. Super fail. From now on Saturdays will be the start of each week for me. My goal for the upcoming week is to type a post before 12pm. I love having goals so I am pretty pumped about this. Now that my goal has been set I now must change the topic to (drum roll) a summary of my week!! πŸ™‚


Monday was a beautiful day with a temperature of 82 degrees. Yay! I went with my parents to get lunch and then sat at the beach by myself.

third post salad

I was carrying so much stuff that my mom had to help me bring it on the beach. While my mom tried to help me with my beach chair I sort of made a fool of myself. As I was about to sit in the chair my mom moved it thinking that she should move it a few inches back from the sun. Not good. I realized midway into trying to sit that I wasn’t feeling the chair on the back of my knees and well I jumped backwards to land in the seat which meant I hit the seat so hard that it started to close. Sooo… I ended up with my butt stuck in the seat with my feet dangling out and each of my hands holding my iPhone and iPad (a girl has to save her technology πŸ˜‰ ). My mom laughed so hard that she couldn’t help me right away. I am pretty sure all the beachgoers were staring at me because I yelled out, “Mom, why did you do that?!” After that brilliant experience, I spent about an hour reading a book until I started to get too cold, then I moved into the car while waiting for my parents to come back. The car was nice and toasty so I still got to experience the view of the beach just from a warmer spot.


Nothing exciting happened on Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday

I spent Wednesday and Thursday at my internship.


I spent yesterday also at my internship but I love Fridays because I get to see one of my friends. My friend currently works at a magazine so every Friday after work we go to Soulcycle, then out to dinner. Yesterday I got out of my internship early so I decided to hop on the subway and take a quick trip to TopShop located on Broadway in SOHO. I read the store’s address wrong and walked on West Broadway for 10 minutes before realizing the store was definitely not on West Broadway. Before skipping on over to Broadway, I stopped in a Starbucks to take advantage of their frappucino Happy Hour. Who doesn’t love half off on a Starbucks’s drink?! And then I finally ended up at TopShop. TopShop is by far one of my favorite stores. The first time I went into a TopShop was in Ireland when I studied abroad and I fell in love with the clothing store. I didn’t buy anything yesterday but I did see a few things I might want to buy. After leaving SOHO(one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city) I met my friend for Soulcycle. Soulcycle is my favorite spinning class because it makes me feel so calm when I finish. The class is a mixture of music and therapy for me. The instructor we had was so nice too. We try to make her class every Friday and I guess she started to notice this because when we left she asked us our names and said she would remember us. Her class is a ton of fun. She doesn’t single anyone out and she makes everyone in the room feel like they are awesome just for coming to the class. I finished the rest of my Friday buying macarons with my friend and eating a yummy dinner at Sarabeth’s. We had a blast just talking about our past week and telling funny stories from our past. I also found out that my friend was offered a new job so that is so exciting for her! πŸ™‚ I was pretty tired when I got home.

third post pizza


I have a lot of shopping and exercise I hope to accomplish today. I spent the morning playing around with the site PicMonkey which is super fun. I am hoping to create a nice banner for my blog. In other words, the one I have right now is temporary. Hopefully, now that I have a blog I will become a bit more tech savvy with Illustrator and Photoshop.

third post yogurt

(yogurt drops for breakfast)

Goals 1


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