Second Post

Second Post!!! I am happy to see that I am posting on the blog everyday since I started it. šŸ˜‰ I know. I know. It has only been two days. I have thought about creating a blog for awhile and I can see already why so many people love having one.

Soooo…I guess I should say Happy Sunday!!! I spent this wonderful Sunday at a brunch with a few friends. One of my friends from high school turns 23 tomorrow so a few of her close friends got together for a fun brunch at 1pm. We sat outside behind a beaultiful building that had Christmas lights hanging from roofs and branches above all of us. I can only imagine how beautiful it must look at night. We were lucky it didn’t rain and that she picked a gorgeous day to eat outside. The menu where we ate had a lot of items that included bacon which is not something I like to eat (everyone else I am related to loves bacon) so I ordered an omelette. The omelette had cheddar cheese and broccoli rabe in it. Super yummy! I ate my omelette while sipping on a tasty mimosa.

blog post 2

We spent almost four hours chatting away until I decided I should get going. My friend and I drove home in some of the worst traffic I have ever experienced on a Sunday. It was the kind of traffic where you feel like no one likes each other. I just kept hearing people beep and yell. By the time I was near home, my friend and I figured we should pick up italian ices. I ordered a medium vanilla cream ice.

I guess I should finish this post because it is getting a bit lenghty. I plan on spending the rest of my Sunday drinking hot green tea and watching my favorite Sunday night tv show. Hopefully, I will be able to get myself up early tomorrow to go for a three mile run. Maybe by typing that last sentence I will then feel like I am obligated to go running.


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